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A real estate apprizer makes about 58,890 anually

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You need to ask around your particular area. Try a local newspaper sponsored chat room.

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Q: How much does a real estate appraiser earn?
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How much does a real estate appraiser make in Virginia?

The appraiser make in Virginia as per the state appraisal regulatory programs. The program is decide by the federal guidelines which gives the equal profit to all.

How much does a real estate agent earn a month?

There is no definite numbers as to how much a real estate agent earn a month. However, there is a basis of how much a realtor agent "can" earn. For those who are new in the industry, they may struggle in the market to convert sales and earn less than what they expect to. However, those who are more experienced in real estate sales may convert more sales and deals, thus earning more and way better.

What is a real estate appraiser?

Real estate appraisal is the process of establishing a fair market value for real property. A real estate appraiser is a professional whose job it is to give an Opinion of Value of real property. An appraiser can appraise property for mortgage purposes, insurance purposes, tax purposes, for setting a price for a seller or for determining the value of an estate. An appraiser examines the property, takes pictures, notes any improvements or upgrades, damages or problems, studies the area, determines a rating for the general condition, uses the MLS and other databases to see what other similar homes have sold for recently, and then gives his opinion of the market value of the property.

Average income for a real estate appraiser?

As a licensed and certified real estate appraiser the earnings for appraisers began declining 3 years ago. Presently, 1/3 of the appraiser have left the profession or are in Chapter 13 or foreclosure because of the decline in appraisers respect and bullying by lenders and real estate agents. My pay, expenses etc. have decline to 20% of my former amount 5 years ago. If anyone wants to be an appraiser at this time I would say NOT. Wait 2 years there will again be a demand for appraisers at a decent remuneration.

How much does a real estate agent earn?

It's not an easy question to answer because the amount real estate agents earn can vary greatly. Because real estate agents work on commission their income will depend on the number of houses sold and the value.

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Where can you get a appraiser license in Maryland?

In order to get an appraiser license in the state of Maryland, you will need to complete courses in real estate appraisal, get a real estate Appraiser Trainee license, work as an appraiser trainee at least 2 years and take the exam for real estate appraiser.

What is the average starting salary for a real estate appraiser?

Depends on which state you live in. Also depends on if you are a commercial or residential real estate appraiser.

Where can I have a real estate appraiser training?

Real estate appraiser training can be obtained at this website: It is free, trustworthy, and provides great support for you.

Where can I find a school to train me as a real estate appraiser?

You can find a school that could train you as a real estate appraiser in a lot of places. Western parts of California and Washington offer great schools that help with real estate.

Where can one find a real estate appraiser school?

You can find a real estate appraiser school at the Appraiser License website. Once on the page, select the state you want to get your license in to bring up more information.

Why is an real estate appraiser not paid on a percentage basis?

A real estate appraiser must be unbiased in developing and reporting an opinion of value for real estate. If a real estate appraiser accepts an assignment where the client agrees to pay an appraisal fee based on a percentage of the final appraised value, the appraiser would be in violation of Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices and the code of ethics of any appraisal organization to which he or she is a member.

How do you become a property appraiser?

Check with your state Real Estate Commission, usually under the Department of Insurance and Banking. This is a license similar to the process of becoming a real estate agent. Try searching for "Real Estate Appraiser License"

Who can appraise commercial buildings?

Commercial real estate appraiser

What is the salary of a residential real estate appraiser in ca?


How much does it cost to go to school for a real estate appraisal class?

Stratford's Real Estate Appraiser program tuition is $589.00. That covers everything need to complete the course.

How much does a real estate home stager earn?


Where can someone find real estate appraiser jobs?

There are many websites online that have real estate appraiser jobs. Sites such as Monster, Workopolis and RealCareers are great places to begin looking for your future career.