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On the average, a 38', 84 passenger school bus weighs in between 11 & 14 Tons (22,000 to 28,000 pounds) curb weight without passengers. When you add 84 passengers, say high school students, that can add up to 14,700 additional pounds in weight, bringing the total up to about 42,700 pounds. Contrary to popular belief these behemoths (most have air brakes) cannot stop on a dime - truth is, at 55 mph, it takes about 300 feet to safely stop without locking up the wheels and making the bus skid. The

average school bus weighs about 7 ton (14000) lbs if gross weight was over 26000 lbs the driver would need a cdl not a bus drivers endorsement and most have air over hydraulic brakes

=========================It weighs more then a rhino

I am a Mechanic with a 30 school bus fleet. My Heaviest by GROSS vehicle weight is a 2007 BlueBird All American 84 passenger and it saddles in at 37600 GVW. Our average is a 2007 International CE 72 passenger which saddles in 29800 GVW. And furthermore, even though it DOES say "84 passenger" realistically you are NOT going to get 84 High School/Adults in there. it will be more like 56. The passenger guidelines are based on 15" width per passenger. Which is common for Elementary Kids.

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Q: How much does a school bus weigh?
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