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0.00000001 oz.

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How much does 1 tablespoon of sesame seed weigh?

one gram

What plant are sesame seed from?

A sesame seed plant

What is the shape of a sesame seed?

Google > Images > Sesame Seed

How much does a sesame seed weight?

0.00000001 oz.

What is the Malayalam word for sesame-seed?

In Malayalam, Ellu (എള്ള് L pronounced as in the name paul) is for sesame and sesame-seed. But sesame-oil is Ellenna (എള്ളെണ്ണ).

What does a sesame seed grow into?

The sesame plant.

What is the current international price FOB for sesame seed?

international sesame seed prices

What is the difference between Dark Roasted Sesame oil and regular sesame seed oil?

Dark Roasted sesame oil made from roasted sesame seed and regular are as same like natural sesame. roasted sesame seed oil will reduce acidity level. :)

What is the Thai word for sesame seed?

sesame seed = เมล็ดงา (MaLed Nga) or เม็ดงา (Med Nga) << sesame = งา (Nga) and seed = เมล็ด or เม็ด (Maled or Med) >>

Is sesame seed oil the same as sesame oil?


Is sesame seed a monocot or dicot seed?


What type of seed is tahini made of?

Sesame seed

Is a sesame seed a grain?


Alli virai and sesame are same in Tamil?

They are not the same Alli virai is flax seed ellu is sesame seed.

Does sesame seed contains caffeine?

No, sesame seeds do not contain caffeine.

What is the price of sesame seed?

Around 900 $ or so. The price of sesame seed as of march 2010 is $1,134 per tonne

What is sesame seed paste?

Tahini is the ground sesame seed paste which is used in many near and far east recipes.

How much does a sunflower seed weigh?

each seed is 1/11 of a gram.

How much does a coconut seed weigh?

A coconut seed weighs about 5 pounds.

Where did the sesame seed originate?


Is sesame a pulse?

'''no, it is a GRAIN/seed!'''

Is sesame a fruit?

No, it is a type of seed

Where do you get white sesame seed?

the most powerful market of white sesame seed is in Gujarat state, India as it is cultivated and grown in this region.

How much does a seed weigh?

it really depends. most seeds don't weigh much. however, some weigh a lot.

How to remove the bitter taste out of Sesame seeds?

How to remove the bitter taste out of sesame seed