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The Shetland Sheepdog sheds heavily, making them unsuitable as pets for people allergic to dogs. Its longhaired coat also requires constant grooming.

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Q: How much does a shetland sheepdog shed?
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Where does a sheepdog live?

All over the world but the Shetland Sheepdog originated in the Scottish Shetland Islands.

What is a word that describes the Shetland sheepdog starting with an X?

What is the word that describes a Shetland sheepdog that starts with an X

How much do shetland sheepdogs shed?

I have a shetland sheepdog and he sheds a lot. Sometimes he sheds during winter. My dog is over grown so the right size sheltie might not shed as much and it might not shed in the winter. I hope this helped you people looking to get a sheltie! To tell if this helped you look up did Adog's answer help you. Thanks! -Adog

Is a Shetland Sheepdog the same thing as a Sheltie?

Yes, they are the same breed of dog. Sheltie is the nickname for Shetland Sheepdog.

How does shetland sheepdog travel?


What is the average price of a shetland sheepdog?

$ 300

What dog is lasse?

LAssie is a shetland sheepdog

What is the most agile animal?

shetland sheepdog

What has the author Catherine E Coleman Moore written?

Catherine E. Coleman Moore has written: 'The Shetland sheepdog' -- subject(s): Shetland sheepdog

What are the release dates for Breed All About It - 1998 Shetland Sheepdog?

Breed All About It - 1998 Shetland Sheepdog was released on: USA: 9 April 2001

What is another name for scotch sheperd?

shetland sheepdog

What are facts about Shetland Sheepdogs?

Here are some interesting facts about the Shetland Sheepdog:The Shetland Sheepdog was orignally bred to herd sheep in Scotland.The Shetland Sheepdog is a miniature Collie for working.This breed of dog was named after the Shetland Islands where it was created.The Shetland Sheepdog is often nicknamed the "Sheltie".The Shetland Sheepdog is one of the samll dog breeds that are the easiest to train.The Sheltie excels at obedience, as well as herding and agility.This dog is a devoted member of the family, yet it may be reserved and shy around strangers.The Shetland Sheepdog gets along well with children, yet they may show herding instincts by nipping at heels when playing.

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