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same amount as any other footballer.

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Q: How much does a spanish footballer earn?
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How much money will a footballer earn?


How much does a footballer earn?

£103557 in 2yr

How much does Bergkamp earn a week?

Do you mean the footballer

How much those a semi pro footballer earn?

They make nothing.

How much does footballer Andy Keogh earn?

about ten grand a week

How much money does a blue square footballer earn?

a good aul bit

How much does a league 2 footballer earn?

On average about 550 pounds a week

How much does Ugandan footballer Ibrahim Sekagya earn per month?


How much does footballer john o'shea earn?

Approx 28000 per week 2011

When was Alexis - Spanish footballer - born?

Alexis - Spanish footballer - was born on 1974-03-06.

When was Roberto Carlos - Spanish footballer - born?

Roberto Carlos - Spanish footballer - was born on 1982-08-31.

When was รngel Morales - Spanish footballer - born?

Ángel Morales - Spanish footballer - was born on 1975-07-13.