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average egg size 340 grams

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Q: How much does a swan egg weigh?
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How much does a trumpeter swan egg weigh?

A Trumpeter swan's egg weighs about 363 grams. The wingspan, although is 1890-2450 range! The egg and wings differ by 1,527.

How much do trumpeter swan weigh?


How much does a trumpeter swan weigh?

it ways about 70pounds

How much does a swan weigh?

Usually about 15 to 20 kilograms

When was Swan - Fabergรฉ egg - created?

Swan - Fabergé egg - was created in 1906.

How much does an brown egg weigh?

depends on the size of the egg!

How much does a bird egg weigh?

Depends what type of egg it is.

How much does a hummingbird egg weigh?

As much as a penny.

How much does a raw egg weigh?

Depends on th size of the egg

How much do eggs weigh?

They weigh differently depending on what size the egg it is.

How much does a humming bird egg weigh?

Depending on the variety of humming bird, an egg would weigh about as much as a small white navy bean.

How much does an Emperor penguin egg weigh?

i have no idea how much an emperor penguin egg weighs

How much does a dinosaur egg weigh?

it depends

How much does a scrambed egg weigh?

Two ounces, if using a large egg.

How much does Bella Swan weigh?

Bella väger 43kg

How much does a medium egg weigh?

69 grams

How much does an average egg weigh?

1 oz

How much does a egg weigh in grams?

60 g

How much does a vulture's egg weigh?

1 pound

How much does an egg in vinegar weigh?

8.02 onces

How do you keep a swan egg warm without an incubator?

Buy an incubator. Or a Swan.

How much does an Albatross egg weigh?

The egg is about 9 ounces in volume and weighs about 6 ounces.

Does a swan hatch from an egg?


How much does the embryo of a chicken egg weigh?

10 grams

Roughly how much does a chicken egg weigh?

60g 60g