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How much does a talk show host get paid per hour?

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Talk show hosts do not get paid by the hour. They have a contract that specifies the salary they will receive for a specific time period and other details of the job. Some talk show hosts actually own or produce the show or the company that produces the show, so the amount they earn depends on the show's profit.

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How much does the Host of the Academy Awards show make?

they actually dont get paid. its more of a honor to do than a job

What is the highest paid talk show host?

Oprah Winfrey

The worlds highest paid talk show host?

Oprah Winfrey

How much do the people on ax men get paid for doing the show?

It is reported that from the source itself Mike Pihl that entry level positions get paid $14 an hour. The pay does increase to $18 an hour after a few years.

How much does rocsi and terrance get paid?

They get paid $3000 a show.

How much does a tv game show host get paid?

There is no set answer. If the show falls under AFTRA or SAG jurisdiction, for instance on NBC or FOX, much more than the host of a small show on The Game Show network, celeb hosted shows are usually in the 50k ballpark for an NBC show (per episode) small non union shows can be 1-2 k an episode.

How much are the duggars paid for their reality show?

The details are unknown of how much, if any, they get paid.

What is the female black co host name on the today show?

On February 24, 2014, Tamron Hall was named a co-host for the third hour of the Today Show.

What does the Oscar host get paid?

according to joy behar and steve martin tonight on the joy behar show the host of the oscars makes nada

Who is the highest paid chat show host?

I think it's Oprah Winfrey. Hope I helped!

Who is hoda co host of morning tv show NBC?

Hoda Kotbe's co host on the 4th hour of the Today Show is Kathy Lee Gifford, formerly of "Regis and KathyLee."

How much money is paidto guests on the Steve wilkos show?

Steve Wilko's is a former police officer, marine and Jerry Springer bodyguard. Now a tough talk show host who tackles off the wall issues with families and friends. It has not been verified how much is paid to be on the show.

How much money do talk show hosts pay their guests?

It all depends on the level of the guest, but the normal amount they are paid $500 USD per hour.

How much do you get paid for being on a show?

You get paid around 1 billion 400 hundred thousand pund per show.

How much does the Dugger family get paid for each episode of their TV show?

The details are unknown of how much, if any, they get paid.

How much do models on babestation get paid?

£1500 a show

How much do guests on the maury show get paid?

Not sure

How much did beyonce get paid for the halftime show?


How much does the host of Wheel of Fortune get paid?

Neither the salary of Pat Sajak nor of Vanna White were made public when they extended their contracts to continue the show through the 2014 season.

How much does wrestler get paid?

starting out you get paid on average $100/show to work as a Indy wrestler.

How much money does a runway model make a hour?

There is no set hourly rate for runway models because each show has its own budget and other factors that play into the situation. A runway model could make $100 an hour or be paid a flat rate for the entire event. It all depends and varies from show to show.

How much money does a lighting consultant or certified lighting designer make?

It always depends. I am a lighting designer, and i get paid by the hour. Others i know get paid in salary, or if they're free lance...they get paid by show. However, either way you cut it they make a lot (if they're good).

How much does Craig Ferguson get paid?

According to the times online article entitled "Craig Ferguson 'may be next Letterman'" he began as the host of the late late show "with a salary of £4m a year."

How much money do the American idol judges get paid?

enough for them to be considered well paid They are not the only ones who make money from the show and many individuals not on camera are also well paid. They do not tell how much and they do not even know how much as show will make for this season

How much money do game show host make?

about 10 million