How much does a tennis racket weigh?


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A tennis racquet usually weighs anywhere from 9 ounces to 12.5 ounces.

Every tennis racquet has a different weight, and with lead tape, players can customize their tennis racquet's weight past the standard weight of the racquet.

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The tennis racket is much longer and heavier than a racqetball racket as the handle is much shorter. But today, even the size of the head of the tennis racket is also usually larger than that of the racquetball racket, which is more standardized at around 107 sq. ins. Tennis racket heads vary greatly in size; but some are great than 130 sq ins.

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Badminton racket weigh between 75 and 95 grams including the strings.

Yes, the weight. The lighter the tennis racket, the lighter you hit the ball. The heavier racket can hit harder shots.

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The thickness of a tennis racket string is called its 'diameter'.

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