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Q: How much does a ticket to Heisman Trophy award presentation dinner cost?
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Each person attending the dinner needs to bring their ticket to gain entry to the event?

Each person attending the dinner, needs to bring their ticket to gain entry to the event

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Many train tickets are only for the ride to your destination. You can purchase a train ticket that includes a meal, but you have to designate that you want the meal included when you purchase the ticket. There is sometimes a special area for dinner guests to sit in.

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A charity sells tickets for a fund raising dinner Each adult's ticket costs 10 and each child's ticket costs 5 A total of 1050 was raised by selling 130 tickets How many adult and child tickets?

10 adults & 10 children's

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The cost for a ticket to the school dinner and play was $7.50 each. If 500 tickets were sold at that price, how much money would be brought in?(Make sure to use a decimal point and dollar sign) That's my actual question but wikianswers didnt allow punctuation so please edit this answer and answer my Q thanks!

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