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35.40 per hour

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Q: How much does a union painter in the Chicago area make?
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How much does a union operating engineer in the Chicago area make?

about $34.00/HR

How much does a special education teacher make in Chicago?

how painter gets week in chicago

How much does a union painter in the St. Louis area make?

As of February, 2011 the journeyman rate including vacation pay is $29/hr.

What does a union painter make is Seattle?

apprentice start at 16.44 and go to 22.84 by the 8th stage

How much does a union painter make in New York city?

29 million 600024 dollars subtracted by 29million 600023

How much do Chicago union heat and frost insulators make an hour?


How much per hour do union bartenders in Chicago make?

Tenured union bartenders that work events at higher end hotels in Chicago can make upwards of $150,000 to $180,000 when tips are included. There is very low turnover accordingly.

How much does a union bridge painter in Pittsburgh make?

Depends on the union scale and weather or not your a journeyman, at least 50+plus benefit's could go as high as 70+ for high work.

How much does a union bricklayer make in Chicago?

32 dollars an hour is journeyman scale plus benefits

How much do union pipe fitters make per year?

IN Chicago last year i brought in 96200 with ot

How much does a car painter get paid?

in mass. a car painter make from 25 to 35 an hour, i make $ 30 myself

How much does a painter make a year?

You mean an artist? Or a house-painter? If you mean an artist, it could be millions, or you could be on food stamps forever. If you mean a house-painter, I can tell you from bitter personal experience that you can expect to make between 8 and 13 bucks an hour depending on your ability and experience; more if you can somehow get a Union job, and a bit more as a crew chief. But you can forget about ever appearing on Cribs.Phil

How much does a union bridge painter make an hour?

A union bridge paiter makes an hourly rate of 52 dollars an hour and also receives benefits such as health care sick leave and paid vacations it is not a bad job in my opinion

How much does a custom car painter make?

in the u.s the usual car painter makes 20000 a year.

How much money does a certified electrican make?

Depends wether or not if He or She is working a Union job . And the area they are working

How much does a elevator union employee make in the Las Vegas area?

dont count on it with the current economy. :)

What company in the Chicago area will provide a free life insurance quote?

Most companies in the Chicago area will privide a free life insurance quote if you ask them. Make sure you have all the correct information, and ask about their free quotes.

How did Claude Monet make a living?

By being a painter.

How did Georges Braque make a living?

By being a painter.

How much does an aircraft painter make an hour?

make an hour for painting aircraft

What observation did Charles payne make about Canada geese in the Chicago area?

that the geese were beeing killed by predators,many of the geese had become infertile, the geese were migrationg out of the area.

Rembrandt painthing How did the painter make the background figures visible.?


How much does Chicago pay all it's teachers per year?

The average yearly salary for Chicago public school "union" teacher's is between $74,000- $76,000. CTU disputes the salary for the public school union teachers stating union teachers make an average annual salary of $71,000. The average annual salary for a Chicago "Charter School" teacher is significantly lower at $46,432. Retired school teacher Zaid Jilani disputes the CTU's figures stating the annual salary of a Chicago Metropolitan teacher is only $56,720. Jilani gathered information from the BLS to back up the claim. Jilani may be correct when stating the average salary of all Chicago Metropolitan teachers include all teachers, both union and charter school teachers. Charter School teachers make significantly less money per year than union teachers which results in the average salary being lower.

Annual income for union journeyman electrician?

It depends on where you are located. In the Washington DC area a IBEW union journeyman electrician can make $74,000 (straight time) a year plus benefits.

How much does a firefighter make in Illinois?

The average firefighter in Illinois will make around $34,000 per year. In the Chicago area, this can be much higher since they are in larger demand.