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How much does a us dollar bill weigh?

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A dollar bill (or any denomination bill) weighs 1 gram.

2008-11-21 17:05:01
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1.1 grams.

2020-08-31 00:26:10
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How much does a US five dollar bill weigh?

A US five dollar bill weighs one gram or about 0.035 ounce.

How much does the one US dollar bill weigh?

About 1 gram

How much does a US 5 dollar bill weigh?

It will weigh approximately 1.00 gram. This goes for any American dollar, including 20's, 50's, etc.

How much does a US dollar bill weigh in ounces?

All current US bills regardless of denomination weigh approximately 1 gm. There are 28.35 gm in an ounce so a bill weighs 1/28.35 = 0.0353 oz

How much does a 1917 half dollar weigh?

A US Walking Liberty Half dollar dated 1917 will weigh 12.50 grams.

What is the weight of a new US dollar bill?

New or old, US bills weigh approximately 1 gram.

What other things weigh one gram?

A US dollar bill weighs about one gram.

How much does a US Presidential Dollar Coin weigh?

8.1 grams.

In the us how much is a Hong Kong 20 dollar bill worth?

in the U.S. how much is a twenty dollar hong kong bill worth?

How much is a 100 dollar bill form Guyana worth in the us?

1 dollar

How much does a million dollars weigh in 1 dollar bills?

All US paper currency is the same dimensions and weighs the same. A US bill weighs one gram. Thus one million, one dollar bills will weigh 1000000 grams or 1000 Kilograms.

How much does a 1964 US half dollar weigh?

It weighs 12.5 grams.

How much does a 1974 US silver dollar weigh?

It weighs 26.7 grams.

How much is an American dollar bill in Vietnam?

1 US Dollar = 18,906.80 Vietnamese Dong

How much does a US dollar weigh?

Modern "golden" dollars and Anthony dollars weigh 8.1 gm All US paper bills weigh 1 gm

What does Ireland call dollar bill?

Irish people call the US Dollar bill, a dollar or a dollar bill.

How much is a Canadian five dollar bill worth in US?


How much is a US 2 dollar bill worth?

2 dollars

How much is a 2 dollar Canadian bill worth in the us?

$ 2.60

How much is a 100 dollar bill of India worth in the us?


How much is a Canadian paper one dollar bill worth in US dollars?


How much is a bank of Jamaica fifty dollar bill worth in US?

How much is bank of Jamaica $50 bill worth in the US

How much you s a 50 dollar bill in jamaican money worth in America?

A 50 dollar bill in Jamaica is equal to .59 US cents.

How much does one US dollar bill equal in terms of gourde?

How much is a black two dollar bill worth?

The US never made black 2 dollar bills.