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Depends on how much money the dogs make. Depends on how much money the dogs make.

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Q: How much does a vet working with dogs make?
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How much money do you get for working with animals?

I can not tell you exactly how much money you get for working with animals but I can give u an idea of how much. For being a small animal veterinarian with like cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, ect... You can make about $79,600 if your an Average DVM practice owner, and as an employee at a vet clinic u can make about $38,700!

How young do German shepherd dogs start working at?

you can start working a German when he is about 10 months old but to make sure his bones are fully developed check with his vet.

How much should you feed dogs?

The vet can tell you.

Why do dogs need equipment?

They need it for their excercise, dogs are pretty much like humans. I should know i am a vet.

How about waterless bath for puppies?

They make a dry shampoo for dogs call your vet and ask him/her where to get it from

What can you do once you have your pre-vet degree?

Not much - either apply to and be accepted to vet school or keep working to finish out a secondary major.

How much do veterinary technicians earn in Minnesota?

Vet techs make 37,000 dollars a year in Minnesota. This depends on how long they have been working and how large the practice they are in is.

How much does a vet get paid in 5 years?

In the United States in 2011 the average annual salary for veterinarians was ~US$90,000.

How much to have dogs drew glaw removed at the vets?

It is dew claws, and the vet simply cuts them out.

How much peniciilan in pill form for dogs?

It all depends on the weight of the dog, ask your vet

How often should a dogs teeth be cleaned by vet?

Vet's say that your dogs or cats teeth should be cleaned by the vet once a year. Unless the vet says otherwise.

What happens if a dog eats a onion?

Take it to the vet ASAP Dogs cant eatChocolateGrapesGarlicOnionsSo make sure you're dogs stays away from those.-Extreamea friends of Gamesguide