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Q: How much does aflac pay for shoulder surgery?
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What percent of premiums does AFLAC pay out for claims?

Aflac pays 2X as much in claims as in administrative costs.

How much does aflac pay hernia surgery?

AFLAC does not issue major medical policies. Most of the products that it sells are in the nature of policies that pay a fixed per diem amount for hospitalization, disability, or other covered occurrences. Therefore, assuming coverage applies, the amount that it will pay will be a function of the per diem benefit that you selected and paid for when applying.

Are aflac premiums taken from your pay deductible?


AFLAC Inc what does the agents think of aflac?

I'm an Aflac agent and I LOVE the company. They are honest, quick to pay claims, and offer financial protection for many, many people.

Does aflac pay for testicle removal?

AFLAC is a supplemental insurance that pays for certain events in your medical life. Call the representative.

How much money does workmans comp pay if you have rotator cuff surgery?

My injury is cosidered log term and I have to have surgery on my shoulder. I am trying to find out what a good settlement is for this injury. I can't seem to get any straight answers. I have been out of work since Jan. and it is going to be six months after surgery before I can even consider going back to work. So I will be out of work for about 13 months. I am really concerned that I will not be able to do heavy equipment operating again. I have torn the rotor cuff in my shoulder. I would appreciate any input anyone has to help me feel alittle better about my workmen's compensation suit. Thank you for your time and help...

How much does medcare pay toward my glasses?

They will pay in limited circumstances, such as if you had cataract surgery.

Will Aflac pay for blood work done?

Check your policy. It is usually a supplemental policy to your regular insurance.

How much money does Baby borrow from her father to pay for Penny's surgery?

250 dollars

How did you pay for your gynecomastia surgery?

Health insurance would be used to pay for gynecomastia surgery.

How did you pay for gynecomastia surgery?

Health insurance would be used to pay for gynecomastia surgery.

Will aflac accident policy pay if accident is covered by workers comp?

Yes they do pay you, only on the accident part, it's ok through workers comp too, they can't touch your pay. It is allowed...