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Q: How much does an Aquaporin-4 antibody test cost?
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What antibody-based test can you buy at your local pharmacy?

An example of a antibody-based test that can be bought at your local pharamacy wouldbe a Pregnancy Test. a pregnancy test is pretty much an ELISA.

What is FANA test?

fluorescent antinuclear antibody test, a test for antinuclear antibody components; used, in particular, for the diagnosis of collagen-vascular diseases.

What is a fluorescent antibody test?

Laboratory tests. the fluorescent antibody test uses fluorescent tags that are attached to antibodies for easy detection.

How does the antinuclear antibody test show up in Raynaud's disease?

The antinuclear antibody test of blood is usually negative in Raynaud's disease

What and how is a celiac test done?

A Celiac disease test involves finding out if the small intestine is sensitive to gluten, and such tests include the endomysial antibody (EMA) test and the tissue transglutaminase antibody test.

Are chickenpox antibody and shingles antibody the same?

Chickenpox and shingles result from the same virus, and generate the same antibodies. There is no difference between chickenpox antibody and shingles antibody, and there is only one test (varicella virus antibody) for both.

Is pregnancy test an antigen-antibody 'agglutination' or 'preciptation' reaction?

Its an agglutination test

What is added to the serum in the antinuclear antibody test?

a second antibody is added to the mixture. This antibody is "tagged" with a fluorescent dye so that it can be seen. The second antibody attaches to any antibodies and cells bound together

What is a musk antibody blood test for?

Myasthenia gravis

How much does a PSA test cost?

A PSA test will cost as much as $500 for those that do not have insurance. This is a test that has to do with prostate cancer in men.

How is the AIDS antibody used for blood screening?

Basically the test is to check for the HIV antibody and NOT the HIV virus itself.

What is billing code 86689?

86689. Antibody; HTLV or HIV antibody, confirmatory test (e.g, Western Blot).