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I believe that would depend on the area you work in. In the Dallas Ft. Worth area the standard is about 4.5% commission which equates to roughly 70k yearly or better.

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Q: How much does an Automotive collision estimator make?
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How much does a automotive technitian make a year?

depends how well they can spell..

How much money does the automotive industry make?

I believe about 1.5 trillion.

How much money can you make in automotive repair?

Maybe about 13$ an hour.

How much does an automotive warranty administrator make?

Not near enough where i work. 9.25hr

How much money does and auto collision repairman make an hour?

50 to 60

How much does a highperformance automotive mechanic make?

A high performance automotive mechanic with experience can likely make from 25 to 30 dollars an hour. If working a highly specialized field, the wage might be as much as 40 dollars an hour.

How much does a Porsche automotive technician make?

$45 Flat-rate hour in Canada.

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What does an automotive lift do?

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How much does an auto body estimator make per year?

It actually depends on the amount of business that they are able to capture. A well known body shop chain in Dallas, pays their estimators 4% of the work that the estimator oversees-based on delivery. ex repair total 3650 comission pay = 146.00