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LPU's B.Tech Aerospace program is designed to empower students with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively create and communicate solutions derived from their understanding of fundamental aerospace engineering, basic sciences, mathematics, and computational tools. Graduates of this program are equipped to tackle complex problems in the areas of Aerodynamics, Aerospace Structure, Aerospace Vehicle Design, and Propulsions. They are well-prepared to apply their knowledge to real-world challenges in atmospheric Flight Mechanics, Jet and Rocket Propulsions, Gas Dynamics, and Space Flight Mechanics. Moreover, they are capable of proposing cost-effective, optimized solutions for the aerospace sector, leveraging tools like Computer-Aided Design, Computer-Aided Manufacturing, and Computer-Aided Engineering within a simulated environment.

In summary, LPU's B.Tech Aerospace program equips students with the expertise and practical skills needed to excel in the field of aerospace engineering, from designing and testing vehicles to crafting innovative solutions using cutting-edge technology.

The highest salary the LPU students bagged this year is 20 lpa and the average was 5.75 lpa. The companies that came to LPU campus for recruitment were : Unominda, Altair, Dharam Consulting, Collins India, Hettich India, MVM Industries, Ashok Leyland, Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances, Volkswagon, Punjab Renewable Energy Systems, Wabag, Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers, Steelstrips Wheels, TCI, Spectraforce Technologies, Voltas, Cognizant, Capgemini, Code Nation, DXC Technology, Evalueserve, Anglo Eastern Ship Management, Asahi India, Rockman (Hero group), Samundra, Indo-MIM, Sandhar Technologies, JK Cement, Maruti, XL Dynamics, Cleanmax Solar, Elgi Equipments, Thermax, Bristlecone, Tex Zippers, Giga Solar, Westline Shipping, Raam Group, Nylocore Transmissions, Saint Gobain Glass India, CHC Consultancy, GE Power, Delhivery etc.

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Q: How much does an aerospace engineer earn per month?
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