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Engineers try to build them with a day's average water consumption for the town. They vary widely in size. The one in Sioux City holds 425,000 gallons.

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How much water does the water tower in Pileville Tennessee hold?

well the average water tower generaly holds about 354,00 gallons.

How much water can the Ypsilanti water tower hold?


How much water does a BAC cooling tower hold?


How much water does a water tower hold?

water towers vary in size, there is no standard volume

How much water can the average water balloon hold?

Depends on the balloon.

How much water can the average ea cup hold?


How much water will a bathtub hold?

About 30 gallons on average.

How much water does an average sized kettle hold?

Most kettles hold about a liter of liquid.

How much water does an average swimming pool hold?

length x width x average depth x 7.5

How much tones can tower crane hold?

*many tonnes

How much weight can the Tower Bridge in London hold?

The Tower Bridge in London is limited to hold 18 tons. This means it can safely hold 18 tons, before it becomes a safety issue.

How much water can a dinner plate hold?

On average, how much water does a water tank generally hold?

Most water tanks will be labled by size. That means how many gallons the tank hold is what it is called. A 100 gallon tank will be sold as such and a ten gallon tank will be labled that way. So just check the labels. Most water tanks hold about thirty gallons of water. Of course the bigger the tank the more water it will hold. And you can purchase apartment sized water tanks that will hold a lot less then the average water tank.

How much water do regular teaspoons hold?

They hold 5ml of water.

How much water does a jacuzzi hold?

My jacuzzi 370 hot tub how much water doae it hold?

How much water does a Saguaro cactus hold?

It can hold up to 1000m of water.

How much water can elephants hold?

A elephant can hold 10 gallons of water.

About how much water does a bathtub hold?

They vary in size, but I have one that is a little larger than the average size and it holds around 75 gallons of water.

Why does a penny hold so much water?

A penny is a solid, flat object and does not hold much water at all.

How much water does the Amazon River hold?

The average discharge is 269,000 m³/s (7,734,000 cu ft/s)

How much water does a 4.0 1995 explorer hold?

It doesn't hold any water.

How much heat can clay soil hold?

How much water will clay soil hold?

How Much Water Can A loves Diaper Hold?

not that much

How much can the average adult stomach can hold?

an average adult can hold up to five pounds of food when completely full

How much water can a sponge hold?

the sponge can hold up to about 40 percent of the water from the bowl.