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it weighs one ounce

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How much does an eighth of marijuana cost in Virginia?

If its good marijuana then it cost around 50-60$ and if its bad marijuana then its 30-40$

How much does a half eighth of chronic weigh?

You are an idiot for needing to ask.

How much does a half eighth weigh?

That would be a "teener" which is 1.75 grams

How much is a sack of marijuana?

depends what strain of marijuana and how much you want. for instance an eighth of mersh is extremely cheaper than an eighth of chronic and same with chronic to kush. so it really depends what you are getting theres no exact price for all marijuanna

How much does pound of marijuana weigh in grams?

A pound of anything weighs around 453.6 grams. Therefore, a pound of marijuana would weigh around that amount

Who many grams in an eighth of marijuana?

There is 3.5 Grams in 1/8th of Marijuana

Street value for marijuana in Ohio?

for medium grade marijuana it is around 15$ for and eighth of an ounce

How much does the average eighth grader weigh?

anywhere ranginf from 100-130 depending on your height...

How much does a dub of marijuana weigh?

Well, I'd get my Ounces for $100. that would be 28 Grams. quarter 7.5 grams. Eighth - $ 25 for 3.5grams dub - 20 /2.0grams 1.0 / $10 sack On my scale 1.0 would be 10, 2.0 would be a dub ,3.0 eighth or somthing like that.

How much are girls in eighth grade supposed to weigh?

Somewhere around 100 pounds more or less. However some eighth grade girls might weigh as little as 85 pounds, and some as much as 120 pounds. If you weigh more it doesn't mean you're fat, and if you weigh less it doesn't mean you're weak. It all depends on how developed the girl is.

How much do a quarter pound of marijuana weigh?

It weighs a qtr pound you idiot. 8 oz

How much money is a half eighth of marijuana cost?

Depends on your area, here in Colorado i pay 15 but 20 isn't unusual.

What are the quantities of marijuana?

gram, eighth, quarter, half ounce, ounce

How much marijuana can you get for 25?

You can get a "dub" for $20-$25 usally. A dub should weigh 1.5 grams

How much does a half ounce of marijuana weigh in ounces?

A half ounce of anything weighs half an ounce.

How much does a gallon of marijuana weigh?

Solids are not measured in Gallons. they are measured in grams, ounces, pounds, and tons.

How long does marijuana stay in your system if you weigh 200?

It has nothing to do with how big or little you are. It's how much you take in, & how much water you drink to get it out (:

How much does one ounce of marijuana weigh in grams And a half ounce?

An ounce of marijuana (or any matter) is approximately 28 grams. A half ounce would then be 14 grams.

How much does an ounce of marijuana weigh out as?

an ounce 8 nics 4 dimes 2 halves 1 oz

How much does a marijuana seed weigh?

Unpredictable. You have small seeds and large seeds.

What is heavier a pound of marijuana or a pound of cocaine?

They both weigh a pound. Which means the weigh the same

How much does one eigth of an ounce of marijuana weigh in grams?

There's 28 grams in an ounce. Therefore, 1/8 is 3.5 grams.

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