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Cans seemed to be getting thinner and thinner. I did an experiment before my last run to the recycling center because I wanted to know if it was better to get the can/bottle deposit back (in California we call it "CRV") of $0.05 or $0.10 per can/bottle, or if I was better off recycling per pound.

I used an Ohaus triple beam scale and weighed 25 each of various DRY 12oz cans and bottles and 24oz cans and bottles. The data below is the average of the 25 pieces weighed. The cans have definitely gotten thinner. It takes more cans to make up a pound now! You'll need 32.5.

unit (1 ea)

Grams / Ounces / Pounds / Units / Per Lb

12 oz can - 13.95 / 0.49207 / 0.03075 / 32.516

24 oz can - 25.55 / 0.90125 / 0.05633 / 17.753

12 oz bottle - 183.95 / 6.48865/ 0.40554 / 2.466

24 oz bottle - 342.50 / 12.08133 / 0.75508 / 1.324

You can compare the "units per pound" to determine if the CRV or recycle rate is a better value in your area.

If it takes 28 empty aluminum cans to make 1 pound, then there are 16 oz / 28 cans, or 0.57 ounces per can.

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Q: How much does an empty aluminum can weigh?
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