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The mean annual wage for an orthodontist in May 2010 was $200,290 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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How much does an orthodontist make in a year?

around $400,000 Sheesh I wish they made around $400,000 but they do NOT, Orthodontist make about $163,000/year.

How much an orthodontist makes?

They make up to 78.56

How much does a orthodontist assistant make?

1Million dollas

How much does and orthodontist make?

5 dollars an hour

How much does an orthodonist make in a year?

Depends on the orthodontist.

How much money an orthodontist make in a week?


How much do orthodontist assistants make weekly?


How much does the average orthodontist make weekly?

116000 a year

How much do orthodontist make?

I knew an orthodontist once he was making like 500,000 dollars a year. Then again, he was good and had his own practice.

How much do Orthodontists make a year?

The annual income range for an orthodontist is $84,800 to $180,950. The median annual income for an orthodontist is $128,712.

How much does an orthodontist and dentist make together?

about 100,000 dollars a year

How much does orthodontist make a year?

117,000 too 202,000$ yearly

How much an orthodontist make a month?

Go on to they will give you a more accurate answer but a Orthodontist can make 200,000 to 350,000 a year, so a month i would say minimum 20,000 maximum 40,000.

How much does orthodontist make a year minus the overhead?

I made $250K a couple years.

How much is college for an orthodontist?

tooo much

How does an orthodontist make in a hour?

About $99.13

How much money does an orthodontist?


Does a surgeon or an orthodontist make more money?

A surgeon makes a lot more money than an orthodontist. An orthodontist makes around 60,000 dollars a year where a surgeon will make around $120,000 dollars a year.

How much does an orthodontist get paid on average?


How much money does an orthodontist earn?

The median expected salary for a typical Orthodontist in the United States is $112,756. Average $116,000 on average an orthodontist earns $116,000 per annum

What a typical day for a orthodontist?

A typical day for an orthodontist is going to work and seeing patients all day. An orthodontist will apply braces to teeth, make adjustments on braces, and removing braces.

How much money does an orthodontist make a month the first year?

Depends on how many teeth you fix. But get art time job.

How much a orthodontist make every 2 weeks?

8,000$ every two weeks 8,000$ every two weeks

What does an orthodontist have to do?

An orthodontist does much than just put braces on teeth. Orthodontists also perform oral surgery, therapy and reconstruction. If you are interested in becoming an orthodontist, why not investigate the services of a real one? Dr. Yakov Eisenberger is a NY orthodontist. His website, provides a plethora of information not only on his personal qualifications, but also on general services offered, etc. If you are looking to become an orthodontist, do your all your research to make sure it is right for you!

What is a bad thing about an orthodontist?

They make your mouth hurt!