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350 billion per pound

It is $10 per microgram

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Californium-252 is available at 10 US $/microgram.

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Q: How much does californium cost?
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How much californium is in humans?

Any californium in the human body.

How much does californium cost per 100g?

Very probable the cost will be 1 000 000 000 $; but this mass doesn't exist in all the world !

How much is californium worth?

Californium is a highly expensive element, with estimated market prices around $25-30 per microgram. This makes it one of the most expensive elements in the world due to its rarity and complex production process.

How much californium is in the average human?

We don't contain californium excepting a professional contamination.

How much does californium weigh?

Californium is a radioactive element with a density of approximately 15.1 grams per cubic centimeter. The weight of californium would depend on the quantity being measured.

What element is named after a university on the west cost of the us?

Berkelium and Californium .

This element was named after the state of California?

Not much originality here - Californium, atomic number 98.

What state is Californium in at room temperature?

Californium is a radioactive element that does not occur naturally in the environment but is typically produced in laboratories. Due to its radioactive nature, Californium exists in a solid state at room temperature.

Can californium pass through solids?

Not californium, but neutrons emitted by californium.

Is californium deadly?

Californium is radioactive and a strong neutrons emitter; californium can be lethal.

Is californium a nonmetal?

Californium is able to form a critical mass.

What is the flammabillity of californium?

Californium is not flammable.