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as much as they wont.... =)

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Q: How much does each state pay in Federal income taxes?
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Are federal corporate income taxes deductible for state income taxes?

In general, states do not allow a deduction for federal income taxes as most states "piggyback" off of federal taxable income as the beginning of the state income tax calculation. However, the states of Alabama , Iowa , Louisiana , and Missouri have variations of state taxable income that allows for some potential deduction for federal income taxes. Each of these four states has its own unique methodology for the deduction and each place certain restrictions on the ability to take the deduction.

What is income tax withheld from each paycheck and sent to the state or federal government?

WithholdING taxes

Income tax withheld from each paycheck and sent to the state or federal government is called what?

WithholdING taxes

When are taxes do?

Federal income taxes are due April 15 of the following year.Most state income taxes are due the same day, but check with your state.Other taxes such as property taxes, estimated taxes, sales taxes, etc. each have their own due date.

Similarities between state income tax and federal income tax?

The taxable amounts of the income from each income tax return will be taxed at the tax rates for the state and for the federal.

Where do you pay state tax on unemployment compensation?

As each state, that collects income taxes, has different criteria, you need to check with your state's tax commission, or its equivalent. The unemployment taxes are subject to the IRS' income taxes.

What is the difference between state and federal taxes?

You will want to consult with your tax specialist for each state you need to file your taxes with. Filing multi state returns can get very complicated, as each state has different rules. The only states that do not have state income tax is florida, Alaska and Nevada and New Hampshire and 5 others. If you live in a state which imposes tax you must file both federal and state tax returns each year.

What is withholding tax?

income tax withheld from each paycheck and sent to the state or federal gov't Employer deductions from employees' earnings to pay employees' taxes.

How much state and federal taxes would be owe on 15000?

It depends on a variety of reasons, such as filing status, number of exemptions, deductions and credits. Also each state have their own tax bracket. (Some state has no income tax). For an estimate in Federal and California and single owes about $1600 worth of taxes.

Do you have to file state taxes in a state you do not reside in?

Yes. You must pay income tax to each state in which you worked (assuming that state has a state income tax) and property tax to each state in which you own property.

How much money does the 1 pay taxes to the US?

About 11% of your income goes to federal tax, 6.2% goes to social security and 1.45% to medicaid plus state tax which differs for each state.

Most people mail the full amount owed in federal income tax each April?

No. Most people have a percentage of their income withheld for taxes.

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