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According to Milady standard Cosmetology text book healthy wet hair stretches double its size 50% versuse dry hair only stretchs 20% .

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Q: How much does hair stretch when wet?
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Does it stretch your hair when you brush when its wet?

Yes it does it also makes your hair look awful try putting on conditioner and using a comb it makes your hair healthy. Hair stretches when it is wet anyway but it goes back to it's normal length when it dries. You cannot physically stretch your hair.

Why is wet hair longer than dry hair?

Because its being weighed down. When its wet it has more weight, so it pulls on your scalp. This pulls the hair and the roots, which makes it longer. Wet hair is at its most vulnerable state when wet and can stretch up to 30% which is why it is best to detangle gently and to take into consideration when cutting wet hair.

Does leather shrink?

if leather gets wet or damp it can shrink, but it can also stretch when its wet; wet the inside of the shoe and wear it, it will stretch out

Can you stretch shoes with wet newspaper?


Why does hair get wet in the bath?

hair gets wet in the bath because you put your hair in the water that causes your hair to get wet .it can get wet by playing water games

What happens to the hair structure when hair becomes wet again after a blow dry?

Not much unless you do it A LOT.

What happens to the hair structure when hair becomes wet again after blow drying?

Not much unless you do it A LOT.

What different between dry hair cut and wet hair cut?

Wet hair

Should your hair be dry or wet when fishtailing your hair?

It should be wet when fishtailing hair.

Which hair straighteners are suitable for use on wet hair?

There are several options when it comes to straighteners for wet hair. Some of the best wet/dry hair straighteners are the Remington Wet 2 Straight Ceramic Flat Iron, Ragalta Wet/Dry Hair Straightener,and the Revlon Titanium Wet/Dry Hair Straightener.

Does your american girl doll's hair mold when you wet the the end of her hair to much?

no it doesn't I do it to saige all the time

Can African American hair curl after you wet it?

How the hair curls after wet depends on the type of hair they have. In some cases, their hair will curl after you wet it. In almost all cases, if they get a perm and wet their, it remains straight.