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How much does installation cost for flooring?


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April 05, 2008 9:43PM

it depends on what type of flooring you are going to use. all flooring prices are not the same. what kind of flooring are you planning on using? you can save money by moving your appliances.pulling toliet, ripping up old carpet yourself. install prices vary across the country...


Here in CT I get $3.25/ft to install a pre-finished hardwood or laminate floor. $.20/ft more to remove your carpet and $.20/ft more to move your furniture. Removal and reinstall of the base boards is included. To replace them is $2 per foot of molding. $15 per appliance moved, $35 for the toilet.

My rates are about the mid. Folks who don't pay taxes and insurance under cut me, folks who have to pay rent on a store are above me.

This all assumes that the floor is flat and sound. Repair work will add to that.

check references and demand PROOF of insurance!