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it depends on what type of flooring you are going to use. all flooring prices are not the same. what kind of flooring are you planning on using? you can save money by moving your appliances.pulling toliet, ripping up old carpet yourself. install prices vary across the country...


Here in CT I get $3.25/ft to install a pre-finished hardwood or laminate floor. $.20/ft more to remove your carpet and $.20/ft more to move your furniture. Removal and reinstall of the base boards is included. To replace them is $2 per foot of molding. $15 per appliance moved, $35 for the toilet.

My rates are about the mid. Folks who don't pay taxes and insurance under cut me, folks who have to pay rent on a store are above me.

This all assumes that the floor is flat and sound. Repair work will add to that.

check references and demand PROOF of insurance!

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Cheap Flooring Installation?

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How much would it cost to install 800 sq feet of laminate flooring?

$2,800 product installation & molding & corners

How much does installation of wide plank flooring cost?

The cost of installing flooring can vary between installers, and depends on the amount needing to be installed. It is best to choose several reputable installers and get estimates from each company.

How much does it cost per square foot to have vinyl flooring installed?

Most of the time vinyl flooring includes installation in the price and depending on the quality of the vinyl flooring will range from $3-4 a square foot to higher end vinyl flooring that can cost well over $4 a square foot.

How much does it cost to install wood flooring?

It depends on the size, the type of wood, etc., and whether you install it yourself or pay for installation

How much does it cost for vinyl flooring installation I am just looking for a ballpark figure I could have the old flooring and furniture moved myself so just estimate installaion cost?

roughly $ 2.50 a square foot less materials.

What is average cost of bamboo floor with installation?

If you install a tongue&groove bamboo flooring, the cost will be about USD8.00/sqm. If you install a click lock bamboo flooring, the cost will be about USD5.00/sqm. The best way is choose click lock bamboo flooring.

What is Cost to install wood floor?

Wood Flooring installation should cost between $3.50 and $4.50 per square foot including installation materials as well.

How much does vinyl flooring installation cost?

vinyl floring installation cost is based on what kind of flooring you select and also how many square feet has to be layed, it probably also includes the charge of the installer having to come to your home or business. According to getproquotes, the average cost per square foot is around $2.50 for a medium quality vinyl floor covering.

How much does it cost per square foot to have laminate flooring installed?

This will depend where in the world you are. Expect to pay $1.50 to $2.50 per square foot for basic installation.

Carpet Installation Cost?

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Vinyl flooring Installation?

form_title=Install Vinyl flooring form_header=This type of flooring is stain resistant, holds up well to normal wear and tear. What is the square footage you would like in vinal flooring?=_ Do you have another type of flooring already on that needs to be removed?= () Yes () No Do you want a cost effective plan or genuine vinal?= () Cost-Effective () Genuine

How expensive is bamboo flooring?

The cost of bamboo flooring moves around $3 and $9 per square foot depending on the quality of the bamboo. The installation of bamboo flooring costs around $3-$5 a square foot.

Does Home Depot offer vinyl flooring installation?

Home Depot does offer vinyl flooring installation if you get your vinyl flooring from them they will install it for free. If it is from somewhere else you will need to contact them for price.

How much does a carpet installation cost?

I was thinking about buying new carpet. How much, on average, would a carpet installation cost me?

Is vinyl flooring installation expensive?

Vinyl flooring installation is not expensive compared to other flooring options. Vinyle flooring is far less expensive than hardwood flooring but may not last as long and will be of lesser quality, in all its a very good "bang for your buck".

what laminate flooring is and how much is the cost?

Laminate flooring is a synthetic alternative to hardwood flooring. It is considered easy to clean and care for and if you like the look of hardwood flooring without the cost you might consider buying it. Average cost seems to be about a dollar a square foot.

What is the average cost per square foot for laminate flooring?

Roughly $6 per square foot including installation

How do you apply classen flooring?

when you buy classen laminate flooring does it have to aclimate before installation ??

Installation of engineered flooring?

The best locations for installing engineered flooring would be outdoors or in a garage. It is a fantastic flooring option.

Which one is cost effective laminate flooring or cork flooring?

Laminate flooring is the more cost effective compared to laminate flooring.

How hard is it to install vinyl flooring myself?

Based on the type of flooring, self-installation of vinyl flooring can be a very cumbersome process. However, if you chose the type that "clicks" together, this will allow for easy installation that you could do yourself.

How much does the koffing komputer installation cost?

it cost £33.33! wow!

How much per window does window installation cost?

$75 to $200 depending on the installation.

How much does furnace installation usually cost?

The average cost for installation on a furnace is about $1000-$2000. The actual furnace can cost you between $900-$1500.

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