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The amount of money it costs to feed a horse per day will vary according to the weight of the horse, the activity level of the horse, the type of feed being given, your location, and the local economy. To figure out daily costs you should figure up how much food the horse will get every day for one year then add up the yearly expense and divide it by 365, this will give you the daily cost to feed your horse.

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2013-02-10 21:00:39
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Q: How much does it cost to feed a horse per day?
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How much does it cost monthly to feed a horse?

Itall deoends how much you feed your horse. I feed my horse twice a day and he gets half a scoop of pasture mix, half a scoop of honeychop and half a scoop of sugarbeet and this costs me £20 a month

How much should I feed my horse per day?

You should feed your horse 12 to 15 pounds.

How much should you feed your horse?

If a small horse you should feed it 2.5 a day and if cpnsiserbly large 3 kg

How do you fatten up a horse quickly?

Sweet feed, sweet feed, sweet feed

How many lbs of feed does a horse need to be fed a day?

the amount you feed your horse all depends on the size of the horse, how much excerisise it gets, if it is in stall or pasture and what you feed it. usually any where from 12lbs-22lbs a day.

How much does it cost to feed a cheetah a day?


How much or what dos a horse eat?

grass! horse feed and hay and haylage. A horse in a paddock will eat grass all day and horse feed quantities depend on the horse same as hay or haylage

How do you feed a horse?

you can feed a horse hay, carrots ,apples and you need to feed the horse at less two times a day

How much will it cost to feed a lion per day?

6,000 ponds

How much Pellet does a horse eat every day?

It depends on the horse. If your horse is fat then you need to cut down on the horse feed, but if your horse is too skinny then you need to increase their feed until the horse gets back up to his/her weight.

How many times do you have to feed a horse?

It depends on how often you exercise, and use your horse. Some people prefer to feed them three times a day, whereas some other people prefer to do it twice a day. As long as your horse is getting the correct amount of feed, it doesn't matter all that much if you feed your horse two or three meals a day (unless otherwise directed by a veterinarian.)

Can a horse be feed once a day?

Yes a horse can be fed once a day.

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