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The convert yellow to white gold depending of the piece if it is small or big can cost from $60 thru $200 every 6 mo. thru year; but it is much better to buy pure solid white gold in this day's.

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How much would it cost to get my 18k gold plated mans ring dipped in gold

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You can take it to a jeweller and have it electro plated with white gold.

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Q: How much does it cost to get a yellow gold ring dipped and changed into white gold?
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Does a white gold bracelet cost as much as a yellow gold bracelet?

A while gold bracelet should not cost as much as a yellow gold bracelet. Yellow gold is pure gold without and other metal, whereas white gold is an alloy of gold and a white metal like nickel.

Is white gold more expensive than normal gold?

White gold is typically more expensive than yellow gold because it is mixed with other metals such as palladium or nickel to give it a white color. The added metals used in white gold can increase its overall cost compared to traditional yellow gold.

Does white diamond cost more than yellow diamond?

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How much is an ounce of white gold cost?

You Know one Ounce of Real color; white gold costs more money that yellow gold. New wholesale on jewelry's can costs $2480 U.S. Dollars; Retail can cost $4340 U.S. Dollars in today's market in Reality.

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