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It depends on which seats you buy. The most expensive tickets are $83.50.

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Q: How much does it cost to see wicked the musical?
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What do you think of the musical 'Wicked'?

wicked is the most amaaazing musical i have ever seen!!!! litterally go and see it you wont regret it, i sweeaar!!!! :P

Where is Wicked the musical playing?

See 'related links' for the current tour schedule.

Is wicked the musical good?

Yes It Is epic and amazing i sugest you go and see it

Which witch is the wicked witch?

Elphaba (the green skinned) ... is supposed to be hte wicked witch, according to The Wizard of OZ. However, if you see musical, you will realize that there is so much more to ELphaba's character than you think.

When do you see the wizard in wicked the musical?

Yes you do! Towards the end of Act 1 and throughout act 2

How much does Wicked the musical earn weekly?

it grosses a little over a million every week. Each week more than 15800 people see the show!

Dates of when the Musical Wicked came out and where?

Wicked debuted on Broadway on October 30, 2003. Wicked did kind of like a pre-broadway run in San Fransisco at the Curren Theater on May 28, 2003 to see how the audience would respond. The musical was redone a bit before going to Broadway.

What is a rough cost to see the broadway shows Wicked and Evita in Chicago?

To see wicked and Evita in Chicago it would cost you roughly about fifty to sixty dollars. It depends on where you want to sit and at what time you would like to go to the show.

What is the mood of Gregory maguires wicked?

The book is very dark. It really shows Elphaba become wicked where in the musical she isn't wicked at the end. The end of the book you see Elphaba going crazy so it is really sad. Mood: Dark, lonesome, and well just wicked.

Is 'Wicked' a good musical?

Wicked is a fantastic musical. If you ever get the chance to go see it, you should. It has a bit of action, a little drama, some romance, and TONS of humor and laughs. But mostly, it is amazing people singing amazing songs. If you look up the performances of the Original Broadway Cast (Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, and Norbert Leo Butz), you can see how they become the character, and how much they loved to go on stage each night and "sing their hearts out" for the audience. In short wicked is the best musical in the world(in my opion) and if you havnt seen it you should so YES

Is the musical wicked worth seeing?

It is amazing I have only seen it once and I am completely in love with it. Go and see it if you ever get the chance! xx

How much are the tickets to the Broadway musical 'Wicked'?

Pretty much all Broadway show tickets are priced about the same. Premium seats can cost about 120 dollars per person, while regular seats vary from 55$ to up to 100$. Regardless of where you sit, you'll be able to see the stage, and hear everything fine :]

How much does it cost to see WrestleMania?

it will cost 500$

How much do you have to pay to see high school musical?

If you are talking about the first two hsm's you didn't have to pay anything to watch them on tv. If you are talking about hsm3 to get tickets to go see them you need to contact your local movie theater and see how much tickets cost.

Was wicked the musical in Minneapolis?

According to the official tour schedule (see related links), the show is schedule to be in Minneapolis 08/11/2010-09/19/2010.

What are some comments from the fans of the musical wicked?

Wicked is amazing! It is great for all age groups, my younger sister (6) and my parents, and I loved it! We could all relate to the characters and the story. A definite must-see for anyone, Broadway fan (like me) or not!

How much is the whole wicked god set?

depends best bet is to go to a card shop and see

How much did it cost to get into the twin towers?

how much does it cost to go see the twin towers

How much does it cost to see a movie at the imax?

True to the game part two how much does it cost

What is the Wicked webstie?

See the link below.

What is Wicked on Broadway's website?

Click on the link below to see Wicked's official Broadway site.

Is the musical Wicked coming to Hawaii?

Unfortunatley, the national tour doesnot come to hawaii, just the mainland. You must go all the way to CA to see it. :( (It is soooooooo worth it though!!!!)

How much did it cost to see a movie in a movie theater in 1928?

It cost about $5.00.

What do the musicals Wicked and Wizard of Oz have in common?

The characters are the same. Wicked's about Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda before Dorothy's house dropped in. You only see Dorothy's silhouette in Wicked. Also, Wicked is centered around the friendship of the Wicked Witch (Elphaba) and Glinda.

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