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It costs $50.00 to turn a metro phone on with metro pcs.

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Q: How much does it cost to turn a metro phone on with Metro PCS?
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How much if you change your phone in metro to a different phone in metro?

the cost is the price of the phone you eanna switch too

How much does it cost to switch your phone service from sprint to metro pcs?

how much does it cost to switch your phone service from sprint to metro pcs

How much does metro pcs messangers cost?

it depends on which phone you get

How much does the beacon metro pcs phone cost?

it might cost around $50

How much money do it cost to connect a metro pcs phone?

$10 dollars

How much is it to flash a phone to metro?

Sprint phones can be switched to Metro PCS for $50.00

How much do Metro PCS phones cost?

Phones from Metro PCS vary in price depending on the features you desire. The cheapest phone can be bought at a cost of $10 whereas the most expensive phone is upwards of $500.

How much does it cost to flash a Verizon phone with metro pcs?

40 bucks! And $10 to activate it(:

How much is the iphone at metro PCS?

noone will answer this dum question. There is no I phone for metro.... I wish this question was valid -.-"

How much does a Metro PCS franchise cost?


How much does it cost to active your at metro pcs?


How much does a memory card cost for metro pcs phone?

I have'nt buy a memory card yet but maybe it cost over $30

How much does a touch screen phone cost?

metro pcs touch screen phone cost about $200 or more a sping will cost even more but with good credit it will cost about $100☻

How much does it cost to ride the Washington DC metro?

Although the price varies, the cost to ride the Washington DC metro or rail is about $3.85 during the peak, or the busiest. When the metro isn't packed, the price will be about $2.40.

How much is metro pcs?

50 dollars per cell phone

How much money will you have to pay to unlock a METRO PCS lg phone?

most phone shops should be able to do it and it should only cost about £15

How much does a text to KGB cost from a Metro PCS phone that has unlimited texting?

you cant text kgb because they cant charge you.

How much does the Samsung freeform cost?

well , at metro it costs 120 .

How much will a clutch kit for your geo metro cost?

Prices for clutches can be around a big price but for A Geo Metro, it would be around $110

How much is it to reactivate a phone with metro pcs?

Their is typically a $10.00 activation fee.

How much is in a metro in spanish?

Translation: ¿Cuanto tiene un metro?

How much horse power does a Geo Metro have?

The XFI metro has 49 horses the base metro 3 cyl has 55 horses a 1.3 4 cyl metro has 70 horses.

How much do they charge to activate a metro pcs phone?

The cost charged to activate a Metroc PCS phone depends on the plan chosen. To activate the phone customers must pay the bill for the first month.

How much money is the zte purple metro phone?

itz bout 100 wid everyding:]]

How much does bluetooth cost?

Well if you buy Metro PCS phones the bluetooth is free but any other phone around 15 20 ether one