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How much does it cost to use biomass?


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2.8 cents per kilowatt hour

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kilowatts isn't a dollar amount

biomass is not cheap..biomass would cost almost twice as much on average as gas or coal-fired electricity.

Biomass fuel costs up to about 9 cents per Kilowatt hour.

Biomass costs up to $60.00 per year in the US and up to $89.00+ in UK and Britain.

The pyramid of biomass use the biomass and the number pyraid use the number of organisms - there is not much difference - don't get confused with it cause lots of people do.

It depends what you mean by if your talking about a biomass boiler then that will cost anywhere between 6,000-12,000 pounds which in U.S. dollars would be 10,000-20,000 dollars.

There are a few disadvantages of using biomass energy. Some of the disadvantages include the cost, use of fossil fuels, and environmental hazards.

you can increase the use of biomass by planting 20 flowers in a row and watiting until they die than you have increased the use of biomass.

In the U.S., biomass today provides about 3-4% of primary energy. Biomass is used for heating wood stoves, cooking, transportation, and for electris power production.

Biomass is currently in use in many places.

Beacuse biomass is harder to find and coal burnes faster then Biomass.

I am pretty sure that LESS electricity is generated with biomass, meaning that its use is not as common as coal.

its pretty much everywhere. anything containing carbon is biomass. dirt is biomass. poop is biomass. a tree is biomass. you are biomass. so is your dog.. so, yeah; its pretty easy to get your hands on.

no one uses biomass energy

Yes, it is ethical. Biomass is useful, but it is not essential, and Much biomass comes from land or crops that could be used for food. It can be unethical to use something faster than it can be replaced, depending on what it is. To do this with trees is unethical, but with natural gas it is not.

Biomass energy comes from plants - such as wood waste, corn kernels or non food energy crops which are generally used to make liquid fuels, heat or electricity. The cost of energy produced from biomass always depends on the type of biomass that is being utilized, the type of energy being produced (heat, electricity or fuel), the technology used and the size of the plant. Power plants that can burn biomass directly can generate electricity at a cost of 7 to 9 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Its goin to cost more in the future

we use biomass to create electricity or power that is renewable. examples of renewable energy resources are wind ,solar power,biomass,sun and lots more.

People use the most biomass in USA (United States of America) and Africa was proved to be the continent which uses less biomass.

Biomass is not smelly at all, they use a machine to suck out the chemicals that make it smell. So if your reason for our world not to use biomass because it smells is a false statement

A typical biomass burning station that is built to supply 40,000 homes worth of electricity per year costs 7 million US dollars to set up and it may cost 89 million to inprove

biomass is gather by nonliving things that we don't use anymore

The use of biomass for fuel can reduce the consumption of oil and coal.

People in the early age used biomass for fuel.

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