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How much does one square foot of ice weigh?

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There is no answer to this question; it depends on a variety of issues, the biggest of which is the thickness of the ice. One square foot of one inch thick ice weighs significantly less than one square foot of one foot thick ice. The other factor involved is the density of the ice. The biggest factor here is the amount of air trapped in the ice. Temperature and air pressure can also affect ice density. The Dr. Math Forum addressed this issue in one of their postings. See the Web Links to the right for a link to their discussion.

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How much would one square foot of ice that is 4 inches high weigh?


How much would a cubic foot of block ice weigh?

57.41 lbs. Ice is 92% the density of water and water weighs 62.4 lbs per cubic foot. One cubic foot of water is 7.48 US gallons. George

Which weigh more water or ice?

It depends how much water and how much ice you hae. if you have 1 ice cube and 6 cups of water, the water will weigh more. But, if you have 10 ice cubes and 1/4 cup of water the ice will weigh more.

How much does a cubic foot of ice weigh?

Once cubic foot of water weighs 62lbs water expands 4% when frozen, so..... one cubic foot of water becomes 1.04 cubic feet of ice, so..... one cubic foot of ice should weigh 59.52 lbs I surmized this by subtracting 4% from the weight of the water since 1.04 cubic feet of ice weighs the same as one cubic foot of water and because we only want the weight of one cubic foot of ice. 1water = 1.04Ice = 62lbs so (1.04Ice - 4%) = 1 Ice = 59.52 lbs Please, Check it yourself, I'm no mathematician.

How much does 1 cubic foot of crushed ice weigh?

It depends how small it is crushed and how tightly it's packed. The smaller it's crushed and more tightly it's packed, the heavier it is as there is more ice and less space between the pieces of ice. In the most finely crushed and firmly packed volumes of the frozen stuff, the cubic foot of crushed ice will approach being a solid block. A cubic foot of water weighs about 62.4 pounds. A solid block of ice of the same volume weighs about 57.5 pounds. A cubic foot of "normal" crushed ice might weigh 35 to 45 pound range. And it could weigh more or less.

Does a cubic foot of ice weigh the same as a cubic foot of water?

Ice is about 90% the weight of water. That’s why it floats and has about 90% of its volume under the water.

How much does a cubic foot of frozen carbon dioxide weigh?

Frozen CO2 ... that's Dry Ice has a Specific Gravity of 1.53 OR a Cu Ft would weigh Approx 130 Lb

How much does one fluid ounce of ice weigh?

Ice is not fluid.

How much does ice cube weigh?


How much does a gram of ice weigh?

a gram

How much does a half gallon of ice weigh?

about 3.8 lbs for clear ice.

How much doesc ice cream weigh?

It depends on how much you have. Two scoops weigh twice as much as one scoop.

How much does the rapper ice cube weigh?


How much does link weigh?

enough to break the ice

How much does dry ice weigh?

Very little

How much does a cubic yard of ice weigh?


How much density does a ice cube weigh?


How much 1 lb ice weigh?

1 pound

How much does 5 gals of ice weigh?

About 40 pounds.

How much does 55 gallons of ice weigh?

about 400 lbs.

How much does an ice cream pail of raspberries weigh?

"An ice cream pail" is not a standard unit of measurement.

How much does the gait 803 ice weigh?

4.9 ounces bro

How much does the average ice cream truck weigh?

about 5000 lbs

How much does 1 cubic meter of ice weigh?

900 kilograms

How much does Dakota rose weigh?

Big enough to break the ice