How much does one ton of coal cost?

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How much does coal cost?

Coal, despite what is said, is abit more expensive than what most people say it is, for example; be good or you'll get a lump of coal for your birthday/Christmas etc. it's more than that, we need it, therefore it's expensive.

How much does it cost to make a coal fired power plant?

A conventional plant costs about $780 million to build, according to Bechtel...a comparable coal-gas plant would cost about $975 million. source:

How much is trucking cost per ton?

There isn't a set rate. It depends on distance, commodity, and special instructions (e.g., tarped loads), and what the shipper is willing to pay.

What is the cubic measurement of one ton of anthracite coal? says 35.314 cubic feet per 1 ton of bituminous coal.. My coal supplier tells me to figure about 36 cubic feet for my antrhacite pea coal. wikianswers says about 40 cubic feet per ton of antrhacite.

How much does arsenic cost for 1 ton?

The price for 1 ton of arsenic ranges between $570 to $650depending on your location. The average price for arsenic is $0.32per pound.

How much does a ton of topsoil cost?

Depending on where you live, in the UK 1 ton of Topsoil can cost anything from £45 lose up to £120 within a container. I hope this helps.

How much carbon dioxide does a ton of coal produce?

According to Energy Information Administration (EIA) research, emissions range from 2,791 lbs per short ton for lignite coal to 5,685 lbs per short ton for anthracite coal. However, the coefficients for the coals that are primarily used in electricity production, bituminous and sub-bituminous are 4 ( Full Answer )

How much is one ton of gold worth?

Today (June 16, 2009) gold is selling at $934.88 (US Dollars) per ounce. At that price: An imperial short ton of ,gold would be worth: $29,916,160 (USD) A metric ton of gold would be worth: $32,976,919 (USD).

How much is one ton of platinum worth?

Answer: . On 10th April 2015 one metric tonne of platinum was worth:. Approximately: £26M (GBP) . Precisely: £25,720,597.29 . Based on: . The spot price of platinum on 10th April 2015 was approximately£800(GBP) per troy ounce. . The number of troy ounces in a metric tonne is: ( Full Answer )

How much does copper cost per ton?

In July of 2014, the average price of copper was about 10,000dollars per ton. It has been rising steadily in value for the pastseveral years.

How much does a ton of coal cost?

Too many variables to answer- type of coal? Pickup or delivered? Where? Prices may range from $30-$65 per ton.

How much does krypton cost per ton?

Well superman hasent been around in awhile so in geussing you got alot of keiptonight n who in the hell can find it .... Did u dig it out the ground

How much does a ton of paper cost?

5g * 1000 * 1000 / 2.8 = 1785714.29 ( Too two decimal places. ). Weight of paper * To make one kilo * To make 1000 kilo = tonne / cost of one piece. 1 million seven hundred and eighty five thousand seven hundred and fourteen pounds and 29 pence.

How much does uranium cost per ton?

US $ 51,5/lb (at 25.07.2011) or 113 000 US $ per 1 t (natural uranium in the form of the unrefined oxide U 3 O 8 ). .

How much does it cost to refine coal?

Coal does not get refined. Oil gets refined, but coal gets used as it is when it comes out of the coal mine. There is a process called coal gassification by which natural gas can be made from coal, but that is not really a form of refining, and in any event, most coal is simply burned, it is not gas ( Full Answer )

How much is one ton equal to in gallons?

It depends what the stuff is made of - it could be Mercury which is very heavy!. For water, though it's 264.172 gallons (metric ton and US liqiud gallon).. There are so many variables in it though - like US, UK and metric tons - so I recommend

How much does a ton of jet fuel cost?

Jet fuel has a weight of .0023 LBS per gallon, it costs $ 139.30 per gallon at todays market rate. So to equal one ton would be about 870,000 gallons of fuel (a Boeing 747 has a max. capacity of 6700 gallons). So finally 139.30 x 870,000 = $ 121,191,000 but I don't thing fuel cost is $139.30 per ( Full Answer )

How much one ton in newton?

A ton is 1000 kilogram, so it is a unit of mass; a Newton is a unit of weight. Assuming normal Earth gravity, each kilogram weighs about 9.82 Newtons, so a ton would weigh 9820 Newtons. But under other circumstances, the same kilogram could weigh more, or less. A ton is 1000 kilogram, so it is a un ( Full Answer )

How much does a 4.0 ton car hydraulic jack cost?

Most local car stores sell jacks which range from tractor lifting to scooter lifting capacity. Most car jacks can lift up to 5.0 ton, so i would say around £20 for a decent jack, or around $25-30

How much does you 1 ton of wheat cost?

Wheat prices vary WIDELY across the world, depending on location, supply, demand, quality, season, and numerous other factors. However, the price of wheat in the US Chicago Board of Trade today (11 Feb 2010) is about $180 US per tonne.

How much does oil cost per ton?

Light sweet crude weighs approximately 828 kg/m 3 . One cubic meter = 264.17 gallons. 42 gallons in a barrel / 264.17 gallons in m 3 = 0.16 m 3 per barrel. 0.16 m 3 x 828 kg = 132.48 kg per barrel. One US (short) ton = 907.18 kg. 907.18 kg / 132.48 kg per barrel = 9.85 barrels per ton. Multiply ( Full Answer )

How much does crude oil cost per ton?

$4.38 any1 can find out the answer just look on a different site some people lie on these things and you end up failing.

How much does landscaping gravel cost per ton?

It can average $45.00 to $70.00 per ton depending on the type ofgravel used. Some suppliers will charge a delivery fee, whileothers factor in delivery with price per ton.

How much does platinum cost per ton?

Platinum is too rare to be rated by tons. It is usually costed per ounce. As of 10/2010 - One ounce of platinum (XPT) is equal to $1,698.23 Also there is the long, metric and short ton. . Long - $60,864,563.2 . Metric - $59,903,300.5 . Short - $54,343,360 These values will change dail ( Full Answer )

How much kg make one ton?

British 1 ton = 1016.604690 kilograms America 1 ton = 907.18474 kilograms metric 1 ton = 1000 kilograms

How much pound is one ton?

A short ton is 2,000 pounds (that's probably the one you're referring to). A long ton is 2,240 pounds.

How much does a ton of oxygen cost?

$15 it depends who is selling it. if the person thinsk that it is worth alot, (pure air from like a urban Chinese city) then it could cost a lot. But usually pretty cheap. I don't know where you would buy a ton, and who would be selling, but I know that it is cheap.

How much does diamonds cost per ton?

Diamond can be very different in the sense of its worth. The size plays it part in the pricing, but the cut, and color can make changes in the overall price.

How many pounds of CO2 in one ton of coal?

Assuming that coal is essentially pure carbon, each 12 kg of coal will combust to form 44 kg of carbon dioxide (C+O 2 -->CO 2 ) a bit more than 3 times as much carbon dioxide as coal. A ton of carbon will burn to form about 3 tones of carbon dioxide.

How much is the cost breakup for one ton of cement production?

It depends on the location of production plant. The energy price different from place to place, The fuel type and the technology used. The fuel and energy represent about 50 - 60 % raw mat. 10 -15%, Depretiation from 5% - 15% and other expenses represent the rest amount.

How much does a ton of cow feed cost?

That all depends on what kind of feed you're referring to: alfalfa cubes, hay, grain, or silage? It also depends on the current prices for such feeds, which are variable at that, never fixed. As such, the question can't be answered because it lacks specifics and time frame.

How much is a ton of one dollar bills?

According to one source, a dollar bill weighs an ounce. There are 16 ounces in a pound. 16*2000=32000, so there would be $32,000 in one ton of dollar bills. Another source says a dollar bill weighs one gram. There are 28.34952grams in one ounce. Rounding it to 28 grams in one ounce, 16*28=448 gra ( Full Answer )

How much does it cost to maintain a coal fired power station?

It depends on the size of the plant, and it's generating capacity. Most coal powered generating plants cost in maintenance about $1.00 per megavolt-ampere-hour of generating capacity in maintenance (non-fuel) cost, annually. So a 450 MW generating plant will cost about $86 million dollars per year ( Full Answer )

How much coal calorific value 4500000cal is required to generate 1 ton of steam?

1 ton is about 1000 kg Assuming water is already at 100 C (hot water that just has to boil) it takes 40.7 KJ of energy to convert 1 mole of water to steam 1 cal = 4.184 J 1 mole water = 18 grams 4.5 x 10 6 cal per what mass of coal?? again I'll assume 1 ton of coal. (1 ton Steam) x (1000 kg/ton) ( Full Answer )

How much tons is one kilogram?

1 kilogram is part of a ton as below: Short ton, USA: 0.00110231 Long ton, UK: 0.000984207