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The Post Office is self does not make copies for customers. The Postal Service, however, provides machines for customers to use for making copies. The cost is usually 10 or 20 cents per page.

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Most post offices in the UK do not provide this service. Those that do will normally charge 10p per A4 copy.

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Q: How much does post office charge for photocopy?
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Can you make a photocopy at the post office?

Yes, most offer a photocopying service.

Who is in charge of the post office?

Post Master

Is there a charge for a post office key when you rent an apartment?

There is a charge for a post office key when you rent an apartment and it can be $15.

How do you call the person in charge of a post office?

It is a postmistress.

Does the post office charge extra for a colored envelope?

No. They charge by weight and/or size.

How much does the post office charge for photocopying in Glasgow?

This will vary depending on the Post Office, as some will not offer this service. Typically, charges for photocopying can range from 10 pence per sheet upwards.

Mailbox key stolen can post office rekey neighborhood mailbox?

The Post Office can rekey the mailbox if the mailbox is owned by the Post Office. All you have to do is call your local Post Office and ask them to rekey. There is a charge, however, of around $50 to do this.

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Why does Santa charge you for a letter?

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Can you get tax forms at post office?

Tax Forms are offered at the Post Office and Library through the Tax Forms Outlet Program (TFOP) to the American public. You can pick up or photocopy some of the most requested forms, instructions, and publications at many IRS Offices, Libraries, Post Offices, and some State and Local Government Offices.

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A sub-postmaster is a person who is in charge of running a sub-post office. They will do the hiring and firing and handle a lot of the paperwork and books for that specific post office.