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How much does pro soccer players get paid?


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soccer players salary varies very much according to pro-status, you may have some making $40,000 dollars per year. And others like David Beckam making 300,000 a WEEK!


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40 to 30 million pro soccer players

Soccer players are paid different rates depending on the team and league that they play for, and the country that they live in.

they get paid as much as the players win the game.

they get paid as much as the players win the game

That will depend on how good you are.

None these days. Reserve players even get paid about 70-80,000$ a year.

Since pro baseball players were paid much less back in the 1900's... many people think that they are paid too much. The average pro baseball salary is 12 million dollars, acording to U.S. baseball. So the answer is YES.

The Detroit Ravens are a Semi-Pro Football team their players don't get paid

Football (soccer) started as a pro game much sooner and has been marketed world wide

The Pro Bowl winning team gets $61,000

Yes, soccer players do get a wide variety of injuries.

All first team Pro Bowl players get paid. All Alternates who accept the invitation to play get paid. If an Alternate is named to the tem and declines, they are not considered to be Pro Bowl players and they do not get paid.

Pro baseball players in 2007 had a minimum total salary of 2.5million dollars

20,000.00 to losing team players and 40,000.00 to wining team players

soccer players pro soccer players on the field and 11 ladies dancing

It depends on the who the person is, and how he ontributes to the team. Take david Beckham as an example, he is a great soccer player, and contributes alot to whichever team is on. That is why he is getting paid 250 million dollars a year :)

In Germany, pro players don't get paid as much in the NBA, because there is not as much money to command from. They are paid 75% of the minimum NBA salary in beer.

well,some soccer players make 10 million a year

When a game of football/soccer starts, there are 11 players on each team.

3 million for girls and they are on tv not sure about guys

There is no such thing as a midfielder in baseball. I believe that is a position in soccer.

yes, they get paid over $150,000 a year on average for the first year up. Gets more the longer and better you are and more advanced you get for the team you are on.

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