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Q: How much does the Aztec sun stone weigh?
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What was the Aztec Sun Stone made out of?


How does the stone sun calendar reflect beliefs of the Aztec people?

The Aztec stone sun calendar was carved back in 1479. It reflects the beliefs of the Aztecs because it was dedicated to the sun God who the Aztecs worshipped.

What does Saturday mean on the Aztec sun stone?

Party night.

What was the Aztec calendar named?

the sun stone Its original name is Tonalamatl

What is shown on the claws of the Aztec sun stone?

bog off loser

Who lost the sun stone on Time Tangled Island?

The piece of the Sun Stone is from the Aztec kingdom at 1519 AD (5 o'clock on the time device).

What is the Aztec Sunstone?

it was a stone that told the time due to the pinpoint position of the sun. ;D

What civilization created the Sun Stone a national symbol of pride in modern Mexico?


Where are the climers googles in poptropica?

Go the Aztec (the sun stone one) and one of the guys are wearing the googles.

Who was the Aztec sun god?

The Aztec sun god was Huitzilopochtli

What type of stone are Aztec temples made of?

The Aztec temples were made of adobe, which was sun dried brick made from adobe clay, and was covered in stucco and polychrome paint.

Does Aztec mean sun god?

does Aztec mean sun god?

How much does one cup of the sun weigh?

It is impossible to weigh parts of the sun. Though if you had one cup of the sun it would weigh eight ounces.

Where is the colorful piece of stone on time tangled island?

The colorful piece of stone (part of the Aztec Sun Stone) is on top of Edison's house (1877 AD). Return it to 1519 AD.

If you weigh 1200 pounds on earth how much would you weigh on the sun?

You would weigh 33,480 pounds if you could stand on the sun.

If you weigh 125lbs on earth how much would you weigh on the sun?

i don no

Where is the Sun stone for the Aztec empire on time Tangled island?

It's on top of the house of the guy who makes the telegram, sticking out of the chimney.

How much does the sun weigh in kg?

1,989,881,989,610,210,000,000,000,000,000 kilograms

What were the Main gods of the Aztec Maya and Inca?

Aztec was sun god

What does a Aztec sun medallion represent?

Represents sun

Where is the Aztec gold on time tangled island?

It isn't necessarily gold, just a brightly colored piece of the Aztec Sun Stone. At 1877 AD, click to start the engine of the early motorcar, and it will drive to the right, under the tree. Climb the tree and onto the roof of Edison's house to find the sun stone piece in a chimney (one of two). Return it to 1519 AD.

Is a sun stone a shiny stone?

no a sun stone is not a shiny stone. you can evolve a gloom with a sun stone or other certain type of Pokemon.

How much does the sun weigh in tons?

two thousand trillion

How much does the sun weigh if there are purple aleins on the rufe?


Why do you weigh so much on the sun?

The sun is much more massive than the Earth, hence, it has a stronger gravitational field.