How much does the US fund NASA?

The original answer was 50 billion dollars a year. This could not be more wrong. NASA keeps their budget up-to-date on their website. This means, you can view their current budget (right now it is 2012 and their 2012 budget is posted) and you can plainly see they are not consuming 50 billion dollars a year. They actually use closer to 1.5 billion and use it very carefully.

Did you know, by federal law, all discoveries and innovations found through NASA must be considered completely free to public? For example, it is legal to re-produce memory foam, an invention of NASA's as well as many, many other innovations we all use every day. Your tax dollars finally pay for something worthwhile, things you use everyday.

Putting NASA's budget into terms most people can relate to, out of every dollar collected in taxes, NASA receives 1/2 of a penny. As of 2012, Obama has cancelled the moon program, cancelled the space shuttle, cut every other program for NASA and has cut their budget from $50 billion down to $18 billion.