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The main Christmas Tree in the Blue Room does not cost a dime, as the Grand Champion farm donates the tree and the shipping/hauling costs.


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How much did the first white house Christmas tree cost?

I believe it was donated.

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ALL white house tours are free of charge.

How much was spent to decorate the white house for Christmas?

1.5 million

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every body gets it free

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When shopping for white LED Christmas lights the price will depend on what length, quality and what store they are being sold at. Prices can range between $16 and $300.

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it is free to take a is free to take a tour.

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If you are looking for inexpensive lights, I would suggest you buy them either very early, or after Christmas- in this way your costs will be very low.

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The term 'White Christmas" refers to Christmas because it snows at this time (December 25) at many places of the world. I live in an area where we don't get much snow, so I'm dreaming of a white Christmas too!

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It will cost the same as usual, just cause its Christmas it doesn't make the price down.