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The average ant is 0.0003 grams. They are also 3 millimeters long

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Q: How much does the average ant weigh?
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How much does a carpenter ant weigh?

The average carpenter ant weighs about .0003 lb

How much do ants weigh and you want the exact number?

They weigh an average of 0.01 and a half lbs. A queen ant can weigh up to 0.25.

How much does an ant weigh in ounces?

The weight of an average ant is about 3 milligrams. Three milligrams converted to ounces is 1.058 x 10^-4 ounces.

How much does an ant's brain weigh?

An average any weighs about three milligrams. A brain of an any is about 1 to 5 percent of the its body weight. Therefore an average ant brain weighs about 20 micrograms.

How much does Jake Short from Ant farm weigh?

How much does jake Short weigh

How much does an ant weigh in pounds?


How much does a leaf cutter ant weigh?

The average leaf cutter ant weighs around 1.5 grams. These ants can be found living in both Central and South America.

How much does a ant weigh in kilograms?

No an ant weighs only 1/5000 of a kilogram and not weigh 1/1,600 of a kilogram as the person answered

How much does a ant weigh?

at least 2 stone

How much does an army ant weigh?

0.3 grams

Does an ant weigh a gram or more?

as much as your mom

How much on average do baby farm animals weigh?

It largely depends on if you are thinking of an ant farm or elephant farm ... I´m afraid, there is no easy answer to this ...

How much does china weigh off of ant farm?

81 pounds

How much does a fire ant weigh?

1 miligram (approx)

does an ant weigh 200 gram?

one ant does not!

How much does a leek weigh?

How much would the average leek weigh?

How much does a queen fire ant weigh?

less than a pound for sure!

How much does a gumball weigh?

How much does the average gumball weigh

How much does the average Hereford weigh?

Hereford cows weigh an average of 1400 lbs. Bulls weigh an average of 2200 lbs.

How much does the average seagull weigh?

they weigh about 3.5kg

How much does an average heron weigh?

it weigh's about 200 pounds

How much does an average model weigh?

They are about 5'9 and weigh 120

How much does one almond weigh?

The average Almond weigh 1.2 grams.

How much does an average pancake weigh?

An average pancake is about 6 ounces

How much does one mushroom weigh on average?

That is like saying "How much does one tree weigh on average?" But I would guess from my experience about 150-200 grams.