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i dont charge (but are you an experienced, qualified translator?).

Charges would depend on the complexity of the 'medical documents': a simple note saying that 'person X is unwell/unfit for work' for example, would obviously be less expensive than a detailed report on that person's medical condition, and a document describing symptoms, causes, cures, treatment for a serious illness, which would require informed medical, as well as linguistic, knowledge, would be even more expensive.

Wow, ridiculous answer above.

Any professional translator doing a professional job would always charge a minimum rate, especially for a technical subject such as medical documents. At a minimum, if you're working through an agency, DIRT cheap for a medical document would be no less than 8 cents per hour (USD). And that's REALLY cheap. If you're working directly with the client, you can EASILY charge 12 cents per hour (USD). Though I know lots of translators who would charge 12 cents per hour (or more) with an agency, and 15-20, even 25 cents per hour directly. Or hourly, at a bare minimum I'd say $50 USD per hour for medical documents, and again that's on the cheap side. These would be rates within the USA for 2014.

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Q: How much does the average translator charge per word when translating medical documents from English to Spanish?
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