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The starting cost for a Blackberry Playbook is 499 US dollars.

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Q: How much does the blackberry playbook cost?
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Can you text on the blackberry playbook?

No, you can't. I have a blackberry playbook and i have tried to find an app that can text, but there isn't. another thing- if i were you, i wouldn't buy the blackberry playbook. it's good and all, but it doesn't do much, it cost a lot of money, and there's better stuff out there.

How much is the blackberry play book?

The BlackBerry Playbook is 200$

When can you get kk for blackberry playbook?

When. Can. We get. Kik on the blackberry PlayBook

How much does the blackberry playbook weigh?

425 g

How much is a blackberry playbook?

Anywhere from $39.99 to $59.99.

When was BlackBerry PlayBook created?

BlackBerry PlayBook was created on 2011-04-19.

Is Blackberry Playbook Android or iOS?

It is neither. The Blackberry Playbook is running theBlackBerry Tablet OS.

Do all blackberry have blackberry messanger?

yes except for the blackberry playbook :-~)

Does the blackberry playbook have to be a contract?

No it does not

Can you get itunes on blackberry playbook?


What is the price of a blackberry?

the price of a blackberry playbook is 250 dollars

Does the blackberry playbook have a USB?

Unfortunately, no...