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Depends how large we are talking here. The average breast weighs about a pound or so.


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It depends on the size of the breast. If your breast is bigger then its going to weigh more

How much do the female reproductive organs weigh?

Female pandas weigh 220 pounds

A size 40DDD breast can weigh as much as a newborn baby.

Take one ounce of breast milk by volume and weigh it -- what is the weight?

How much does an 460cc of salin breast implant weight?

how much does a 225cc silicone breat implant weigh

Female Pygmy Whales Weigh almost as much as males, males weigh 1,000 while the female weighs about 900 Lefronz

A size 42DDD breast will weigh more than a 36DDD breast. Without a band size to go along with the cup size, this question is meaningless.

About 6 pounds a piece.

Ummm, people don't weigh breast, but they do vary for sure.

They weigh close to 5lbs each.I just love large breast.

triple d breast way about 16to 18 lbs each.

How much does 3.5 ounces of raw chicken breast weigh after it's grilled

Just saying "B size breast" is meaningless as there must be an accompanying band size to go with the cup size. A 42B breast will weigh much more than a 36B.

im a twenty year old female that is about 5'5 how much should i weigh? im a sixteen year old female that is about 5'2 how much shouldi weigh

Well Female Tgers Weigh Any Were Between 450-560 Pounds !

Adult female Florida panthers weigh about 65-100 lb.

It depends on the size of your particular implants.

10x the size of medowie.

I am a 34 DDD and mine weigh about 3 lbs each but your doctor should be able to weigh them for you.

a 64 MMM AKA the worlds largest breast weighs 14 pounds.

The average weight for an adult male is 189.8 pounds. The average weight for an adult female is 162.9 pounds.

an average adult human heart weighs approximatly female: 9 ounces male: 10.5 ounces

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