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About 83 million people each year. Not excacly but very close...

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Why can't a population continue to grow indifinitely?

There is only so much room and resources in our world.

What was the world population in 1931?

Although record keeping was unreliable in 1931, the population around that time was around 2,100,000,000 people. After the Great Depression and World War II, the population began to grow much faster than in previous years.

How much does a sunflower grow each day?

A sunflower can grow about 4.5 in. in two weeks.

How much do your finger nails grow each day?

they grow less then a centimeter a day

How much did the population of Florida grow from 1830 to 1860?

in 1830 the population was about 20,000, and in 1860 the populaiton was about 80,000

How much of the world's population is declining?

The world population is not declining. World population 1950: 2,555,948,654 World population 2011: 6,919,191,862 Growth for period: 4,363,243,208 people

What can you grow in Autumn on Howrse?

you can grow apples, but there is not much point such you can only sell them for 1 E each. but if you have a greenhouse you can grow anything.

How much of the general population is infected by Campylobacter bacteria each year?

It is estimated that 1% of the general population is infected each year.

What happens when you each too much iron?

Pubes grow out of your mouth

What do demographers use to predict how a population will grow?

There are several things that demographers use to predict how a population will grow. Some of them include gender balance, age, income levels and so much more.

How much can a sun flower grow each day?

a lot is is going to be big

How much population in mumbai?

Mumbai has population of 13830884. It is one of the crowded city in the world.

How much is world population?

It is estimated to be 6.80 billion.

How much world population?

Approximately 6.5 billion

How much of the worlds population smokes?

As of 2002, Approximately 5.5 trillion cigarettes are produced globally each year and are smoked by over 1.1 billion people or greater than one-sixth of the world population

How much is the animal population expected to grow in a few years?

They are not expected to grow in number on the contrary the are expected to decrease in number as the number of humans increase.

How much does the Atlantic ocean grow each year?

About an inch (east to west) - about what your finger nails grow. (North to south - not at all.)

What is the population of poodles in the world?

the population of poodle of very rare .not that they're dying, not much of breeding.

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