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To attend St. Leo university and stay on campus it will cost someone $27,990 dollars per year. To be a commuter and still attend St. Leo University it will cost someone $18,870 dollars. Those two totals are without grants included.

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Q: How much does tuition cost at St Leo University?
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How much does tuiton at st Leo cost?

"Saint Leo University accepts financial aid, and they also charge per credit hour. The current rate per credit hour for 2011 was 470.00 dollars."

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When was Saint Leo University created?

Saint Leo University was created in 1889.

Where is St Leo University located?

St Leo University is located in St Leo, Florida. St Leo, Florida is about 35 miles North of Tampa. St Leo University offers small class sizes, which makes this university quite popular.

St Leo University can be found in what state?

St. Leo University can be found at St. Leo, Florida. The location can be found on the website and is an accredited university, serving anyone willing to attend.

Does Saint Leo University offer Nursing?

Yes, Saint Leo University does offer nursing classes.

What is the motto of Saint Leo University?

Saint Leo University's motto is 'You'll love the person you become here.'.

What is the crime rate in the area around St Leo University?

St. Leo University and the surrounding areas have a very low crime rate. Even the St. Leo University website is proud to declare this fact on its "about" page.

In which state is St. Leo located?

Saint Leo University is located in Saint Leo Florida. They are a catholic four year university and offer several different degrees in a lot of different programs.

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What courses can you take online at Saint Leo University?

St. Leo University has a center for online learning that includes undergraduate and graduate classes. They have several degree options to choose from. Online classes give you the flexibility to take classes on your schedule.

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