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There are different pay schemes based on each YouTube personality's contract with the site and/or a third party. Some examples are below.

Youtube's payout schedule:

$ 0.0033/1 view

$ 3/1,000 view

$33/ 10,000 views

$330/ 100,000 views

$3300/ 1,000,000 views

They start paying you only after the millionth view, and only if youre a YouTube partner.

^That guy's an idiot.

They pay based on ad impressions.

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Q: How much does YouTube pay?
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How do you get payed on YouTube?

youtube sends you an email to become a supplier they dont pay much

How much do you pay for a youtube account?

nothing, its free

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How do you be featured on YouTube?

you have to pay youtube to be featured

Does YouTube pay any royalties?

No, YouTube does not pay any royalties to YouTube content creators. YouTube pays users who monetize videos by a pay-per-view basis and the pay per view total can be cashed out when a YouTube user reaches the $100 threshold minimum.

Do you have to pay to join YouTube?

Nope, you don't pay to join YouTube, you don't pay anything when you've joined :-)

Does YouTube pay you for a million views of your video?

YouTube doesn't pay you for anything. At all.

How much did Google pay for YouTube in 2006?

November 2006 US $ 1,65 billion

Do you have to pay for a Youtube subscription?

You do not need to pay for a YouTube subscription. YouTube subscriptions are 100 percent free unless you are buying a product.

Do i have to pay metropcs to watch videos on YouTube?

Youtube is a website free to its users, you don't have to pay

What company bought YouTube and pay for it?

Google bought YouTube and pays for it. With Google along with Youtube, it means that the searching for videos is much more better. Also, you can log in with your Google account.

Does YouTube pay royalties?

YouTube does not pay royalties to you. They will never pay you any money for any video that you download onto their website.

If you have a Google account do you still have to pay YouTube?

You never have to pay youtube unless you want to promote your video.

Do you have to pay to have a YouTube acount?

No. Having a YouTube account is free.

Do you have to pay to have a YouTube channel?

No, youtube Channels are free.

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Do you have to pay on YouTube?


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How much money does a Fullscreen Youtube partnership pay you?

5-10 dollar per 100 view

Do I need to pay money to comment on videos in youtube?

No, no one needs to pay money to comment on any YouTube video.

Is Pandora a good site to listen to music?

no it make you pay you can on you tube no paymentno it make you pay you can on you tube no paymentno it make you pay you can on youtube no paymentno it make you pay you can on youtube no payment

Do I have to pay for YouTube?

No, it's 100% free. Well, not 100% exactly because you have to pay to promote a video but in a nut shell it's pretty much free.

How often does YouTube pay?

Actually, Youtube does pay you when you become a partner. You have to apply. Then you get about $2.50-$5 per 1000 veiws. I'm not sure how often they pay you though.

Do you have to pay for a YouTube account?

No. They are free !!