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i think equal. Experiment!

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Q: How much dried chilli powder equals 100 gms fresh chillies?
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What is the difference between ground chilli and crushed chilli?

Ground chilli are chillies in powder form and Chrushec chillied are dried chillied chopped into flakes.

What does chilli mean in Telugu?

chilli - mirapakaya green chilli - pachi mirapakaya red chilli - pandu mirapakaya dried red chilli - endu mirapakaya

How much chili paste equals one chili pepper?

Adam Green is a soulless ginger and he does not know the answer

Can you have a list of 10 dried foods?

Dried apples Dried cherries Banana chips Jerky Raisins Trail mix Dried cranberries Dried game meat Dried hot pepper powder Onions (powder) Garlic (powder)

What is the Nutritional value for dried milk powder?

Dried milk powder has a lot of protein in it.

How much mustard powder equals one and one half tablespoons of mustard seeds.?

1tablespoon prepared mustard = 1teaspoon of dried mustard

What features may be used by chili seasoning?

Chilli seasoning should contain some form of chili powder. It may also contain salt, dehydrated onion, garlic powder, dried herbs such as oregano or thyme, cumin, black pepper, and usually some form of thickener such as flour or turmeric.

What is the difference between dried thyme and rubbed thyme?

rubbed thyme is rubbed down to a powder. dried thyme is the leaves dried out, without it being rubbed down to a powder.

How much dried chipolte Chile pepper is equal to fresh chopped?

It depends completely on personal taste or on the tastes of those you are cooking for.In stews, soups and sauces, a good trick is to use the chilli whole and taste the food regularly during cooking. When the desired spiciness is reached, discard the chilli.For salads, stir fries, and other dishes where the chilli is sliced and added to other foods for colour, flavour and heat, again it depends on personal taste. A lot of the heat is in the seeds, so unless you're looking for a very spicy result, split the chilli lengthways and scrape out the seeds before chopping or slicing.Remember, as a rule of thumb, the smaller the chilli the hotter it is. Green chillies are frequently hotter than red chillies of the same variety.To test any chilli for heat, cut off the end and rub it gently on the back of your (clean!) hand, and then lightly put the side of your tongue on the spot. This will immediately tell you how hot the chilli is.If completely in doubt as to how hot your finished dish should be, don't risk causing discomfort to your family or guests: serve a little dish of chopped or sliced chilli for everyone to help themselves. Red and green chillies look good served together in this way.Remember to always wash your hands immediately, in coldwater, after handling chillies, and when you've finished preparing food, use cold water for knives and chopping board as well.Note: I've used the English spelling of chilli because my fingers simply type it that way automatically; in the US you'd spell it with one 'l' and in some places it'd be spelled 'chile'.

What are the seasonings in seasoned salt?

Salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, coriander, garlic granules, chilli powder

What is dried whole milk?

Whole milk that has been dried to a powder form, of course!

How is soy powder made?

Soy beans are dried then ground up and then dried again.