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Anne Frank got a grade 7 education.

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Q: How much education did Anne Frank get?
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Did Anne Frank have the same education you have today?

Anne Frank did not have the ability to have the same education as us because in those days their wasnt many education.

Did anne frank get any kind of education after high school?


What was the highest level of education Anne Frank had?

Anne Frank completed her education until she was forced into hiding during World War II. She attended the 6th grade at the Jewish Lyceum in Amsterdam.

Where did Anne Frank go to school?

Anne Frank attended the Sixth Montessori School in Amsterdam for primary education, before going to the Jewish Lyceum for secondary education.

What name does peter call Anne Frank?

peter calls anne frank a wierdo?? Anne Frank is called Mrs. Quack Quack because she talks so much.

How do you know so much about Anne Frank and her family?

We know so much about Anne Frank and her family because of her was a primary source.

What education did Anne Frank receive?

Anne Frank attended the Sixth Montessori School in Amsterdam until she had to go into hiding during World War II. While in hiding, Anne continued her education through reading and studying various subjects with the help of her father and other members of the group.

Compare Anne Frank the movie and the diary of Anne Frank?

Her diary is much better than the movie. You can picture much more and know more thoughts!

What is Anne Frank's true love?

his name was peter and he loved Anne very much Anne did love him to

What has the author Yvette Gallagher written?

Yvette Gallagher has written: 'Anne Frank education pack'

Why is Anne Frank famous in religious education?

Anne Frank was a Jew in Germany and she hid in exile and wrote a diary, but sometimes I think who cares about crummy diary any way and should not be in RE.

What are Anne Frank three nicknames?

Anne Frank's three nicknames were "Anne," "Annelies," and "Annelein."