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The average man produces roughly a teaspoon, sometimes a tablespoon, of semen per ejaculation.

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2010-04-21 21:34:21
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Q: How much ejaculate does a man produce?
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On average how much semen is produced when a man ejaculate?

A man should produce about a 100grams worth of semen when he ejaculates. That is based on the average.

How much semen does the average guy produce in one?

A man would ejaculate about a teaspoon of semen, at one go.

How much a chubby man ejaculate semen?

Same as a nonchubby man.

How much spunk do you make?

The volume of male ejaculate containing sperm and seminal fluid (or just seminal fluid in the case of vasectomy) varies from man to man. Some men produce a lot and some men produce very little. It is a common misconception, among men trying to father a child, that it is best to conserve your sperm and ejaculate as little as possible to "conserve your juices." If you ejaculate frequently, you will have a smaller amount of "spunk" released, but your body is constantly producing new sperm and the recently created sperm are healthier. If you ejaculate infrequently you will probably produce a greater volume of "spunk." Again, it varies from man to man (as does the amount of sperm in the ejaculate) and some men may notice a large difference in volume when ejaculating frequently versus infrequently and some may not notice much of a difference. There are medical conditions where some men produce much more ejaculate than is common and may have as much as three times as much sperm in their ejaculate. This condition is often associated with a lack of or sparse body hair and large genitalia.

How much semen does a man ejaculate in a lifetime?

About 18 quarts. ;)

How Much Semen Does A Man Hold?

the average man has around 3 tablespoons of semen he can ejaculate.

What does it mean when a man does not have pre-ejaculate?

If a male, doesn't produce pre-ejaculatory fluid ("pre-cum"), it is normal, some males do produce it, some don't.

What does it mean when a man doesn't have pre-ejaculate?

If a male, doesn't produce pre-ejaculatory fluid ("pre-cum"), it is normal, some males do produce it, some don't.

How much sperm should you have when you ejaculate?

The average man has around 1 teaspoon of sperm when he ejaculates.

Can a guy ever run out of sperm?

It is not possible for a man to run out of sperm or ejaculate. This is because the body continues to produce more each day.

What is the cream that comes out of a girls vagina during intercourse?

When a man or woman orgasms, they generally produce ejaculate, the clearish white stuff that comes out.

Why do you ejaculate small amounts of semen?

Because you probably ejaculate frequently not allowing much time between ejaculating to produce more sperm. Your sperm isn't infinite, it needs time to produce. Or, on the negative side you have a low sperm count and you should see a doctor.

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