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It depends on the insect.

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Q: How much energy do flies use when flying?
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How much energy does owls use?

It depends on the owl. Most owls and birds don't think much of flying. flying isn't for fun, its for life. most birds just glide and flap their wings, but that's for hibernating and seeing other birds, getting away from predators and for food. Birds don't want to use up their energy. for example, if predators were chasing you and you try to get away, but oh no! no energy left to get away! wouldn't you wish you hadn't used up your energy earlier? flying may be exiting for us.. but to them it usual, so they don't do it for fun, but for living.

How much energy does Google use?

They use way to much energy, but what would we do with out google. :)

How much energy do you use doing rugby?

Like a lot of energy you use.

How much energy does a label maker use?

8,000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000900volts of energy

How much geothermal energy does the US use?

not much

What percent of energy do plants use how much do they store?

7% energy plants use. I don't know how much they store though.

What weighs more a fly or an ant?

Ants and flies are both insects, but that is about as much as they are like each other. Ants are descended from certain kinds of wasps and if you carefully compare the build of an ant and a wasp, you can see that they are very much alike; in fact some kinds of ants, especially the flying ants, look very much like wasps, and some kinds of wasps look very much like ants. Many ants, like many wasps, have stings, and most wasps, like most ants, can bite. Flies do however differ from wasps, just as humans differ from horses, though both of us are mammals. Flies don't have stings, and they cannot bite, though some kinds, like horse flies and mosquitoes, have piercing mouthparts that they can stick through your skin to suck blood. Ants cannot do that, because their mouthparts are cutting or crushing jaws like pincers. Flying ants each have four wings like most wasps and most other flying insects, and in a way, so do flies, but the flies are in the order Diptera (which means "two-winged ones"). In fact, flying flies do have four wings, not two, but their hind wings have shrunk into little clubs we call "halteres". When they fly, flies swing their halteres like tiny gyroscopes. They use those "gyroscopes" to keep their balance, and use their front wings for flying, much as we use our hind legs for walking and our front legs (which we call "arms") for balance (among other things). So you could say that the difference between a horse and a human is much like the difference between a flying ant (or other type of wasp) and a fly.

How much energy does it use to filter water?

Water filters dont use any energy.

Why dont amphibians need as much energy as humans do?

Because they dont use their energy that much

Do humans relay on venus fly traps in any way?

yes they use them for catching fruit flies and flys and flying insects like that

How much energy do gymnasts use during a competition?

Not that much.

How do planes glide?

The same way it flies... Gliders are lighter and they use Bernoulli's principle for lift. and once they get speed they can keep flying... they also use updrafts from the ground to get lift