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Q: How much energy is consumed by thawing a 4.3g ice?
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How many grams of sugar in barq's root beer soda?


How many grams are in 3 hershy bars?

A Hershey bar weighs 43g, so 3 weigh 129g.

How many ml is 43g?

This cannot be sensibly answered. A milliliter (mL or ml) is a measure of volume, grams (g) and milligrams (mg) are measures of weight or mass.

How many calories are in Baileys Irish Cream?

Different sources state varying amounts. Wikipedia states that an average 1.5 oz (43g) serving contains 144 calories (and 11 carbohydrates).

How many extra large eggs equal 3 medium eggs?

An extra large egg has about 4 tablespoons of liquid and a large egg is about 3 1/2 tablespoons of liquid ( so 7 extra large eggs is the same as 8 large eggs.

What kind of bullets are used in AirSoft guns?

it depends on the gun. read the box and it should have a recommended size ammo for the gun. machine guns probably .20s at the least most pistols work with .12s but are better with .20s snipers you want .25 or higher spring rifles and shotguns anything will work but i like to use .20 or .25

What are the different airsoft bb sizes?

It depends on the size of the BB. A standard BB gun shoots a .177 caliber ball. The diameter is 0.177 inches. The formula for volume of a sphere is 4/3 * pi * radius^3 .177 is the diameter, so halve it it to get the radius. 4/3 * 3.14 * (0.0885 x 0.0885 x 0.0885) = 0.00290201 cubic inches.

How many dozens of eggs in a ton?

1 tonne = 1,000 kg = 1,000,000gIt depends upon the size of the eggs used (and where you are):In UK:Eggs comes in 4 sizes (now): small (73g). A reasonable guestimate for average size would be:small 48g → a dozen weighs 12 x 48g = 576g → 1 tonne = 1,000,000 ÷ 576 = 17361/9 ≈ 1736.1 dozenmedium 58g → a dozen weighs 12 x 58g = 696g → 1 tonne = 1,000,000 ÷ 696 = 143668/87 ≈ 1436.8 dozenlarge 68g → a dozen weighs 12 x 68g = 816g → 1 tonne = 1,000,000 ÷ 816 = 122525/51 ≈ 1225.5 dozenvery large 78g → a dozen weighs 12 x 78g = 936g → 1 tonne = 1,000,000 ÷ 936 = 106844/117 ≈ 1086.4 dozenMeaning there will be between approx 1086 and 1736 dozens of eggs per tonne.In USAEggs comes in 6 sizes of average weight:peewee 35g → a dozen weigh 12 x 35g = 420g → 1 tonne = 1000000 ÷ 420 = 238020/21 ≈ 2381 dozensmall 43g → a dozen weigh 12 x 43g = 516g → 1 tonne = 1000000 ÷ 516 = 1937127/129 ≈ 1938 dozenmedium 50g → a dozen weigh 12 x 50g = 600g → 1 tonne = 1000000 ÷ 600 = 16662/3 ≈ 1666.7 dozenlarge 57g → a dozen weigh 12 x 57g = 684g → 1 tonne = 1000000 ÷ 684 = 1461169/171 ≈ 1462 dozenextra large 64g → a dozen weigh 12 x 64g = 768g → 1 tonne = 1000000 ÷ 768 = 13021/12 ≈ 1302.1 dozenjumbo 71g → a dozen weigh 12 x 71g = 852g → 1 tonne = 1000000 ÷ 852 = 1173151/213 ≈ 1173.7 dozenMeaning there are between approx 1174 and 2381 dozen eggs in a tonne.

How many individual grains are in one ton of wheat?

It depends on the type of wheat used and where it is grown. The weight of one wheat grain varies with wheat variety, climate, season and a number of other environmental factors. The weight of the grains i usually measured in grams per 1000 grains (thousand-kernel-weight) or in grains per pound. The example below is based on a table of thousand-kernel-weights or TKWs* for different types of wheat in Canada. In 1 tonne of Canadian wheat you would get something like... 28,985,507.2 grains of Hard Red wheat at an average TKW of 34.5g 28,571,428.6 grains of Soft White wheat at an average TKW of 35g 23,809,523.8 grains of Extra Strong wheat at an average TKW of 43g 23,255,814.0 grains of Durum wheat at an average TKW of 44g 22,471,910.1 grains of Canada Prairie Spring wheat at an average TKW of 44.5g * see here for a diagram of TKWs from Canada:$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agdex81

How much does a chicken weigh on average?

About 3 pounds.More on thisChickens can weigh from just over 1 lb to around 12 lbs depending on the breed. True Bantam breeds like the Bearded Belgium and Bantam Dorkings are often weighed in at 1.1 lbs during shows.Large standard breeds like Brahmas and Jersey Giants can attain weights of 10 to 12 lbs.On average, a well cared for laying hen of common stock should weigh in between 4 and six pounds live weight.About three pounds.

How many grams does an egg weigh?

These are the sizes and weights of eggs you will see at most stores in North America.Egg sizes Average weightJumbo 2 1/2 oz (71g)Extra-large 2 1/4 oz (64g)Large 2 oz (57g)Medium 1 3/4 oz (50g)Small 1 1/2 oz (43g)Peewee 1 1/4 oz (35g)well an ostrage egg is 2lb and a normail is 24 times less that that so .....It weighs ~ 1.25 oz Eggs are graded and sold by weight, Size 6 weigh 600 gm for 12 eggs, size 7 weigh 700 gm per dozen.

Free rider 2 maps?

pretty awesome this is joham -18 1i 18 1i,15 1g 1v 24 2n 32 3g 43 4l 54 5n 62 6s 72 85 84 9g 95 b0 9t ch af e3 at fg b1 gu an i5 9s j0 8s jm 7l k1 6a k5 4p k6 35 k9 1q ke d kb -18 k8 -31 k7 -4q k8 -6k ka -8g ke -ac kg -c8 ki -e5 kk -g3 kn -i1 kq -jv ks -lv kv -o1 l2 -q6 l4 -rq l7 -tf l9 -v4 ld -115 lh -131 lk -14h ln -161 lp -17g ls -18o lt -19u lu -1b6 lv -1cd m0 -1dd lv -1ep lu -1g7,lu -1g7 lu -1hs lv -1ja lv -1kp lv -1m6 m0 -1nj m0 -1os m1 -1qa m2 -1rr m2 -1t4 m3 -1u5 m3 -1v6 m3 -20e m3 -21o m2 -237 m2 -24f m3 -25o m4 -276 m6 -28o m7 -2a1 m7 -2bb m8 -2ce m8 -2df m9 -2ed m9 -2fb m9 -2g8 m9 -2h9 ma -2ib ma -2ja ma -2ka ma -2la ma -2mb ma -2nc ma -2oa ma -2pa ma -2qa ma -2rm ma -2t4 mb -2un mb -302 mc -31g mc -32v MD -34g MD -362 me -37m mf -39a mg -3ar mg -3c1 mg -3d6 mg -3ec mg -3fh,mg -3fh mg -3gq mh -3ib mh -3jn mh -3l7 mh -3mq mi -3of mi -3q7 mi -3rp mj -3t5 mj -3u8 mj -3va ml -40b mv -416 nk -41m ob -41r p8 -41h q3 -40v ql -406 r0 -3v6 r8 -3u1 re -3si rh -3r7 rj -3pn rl -3o2 rm -3mb ro -3kg rp -3ij rq -3gk rr -3ej rs -3cf rs -3aq rt -395 rt -37f ru -35o ru -33v ru -326 ru -30c RV -2uh RV -2sk RV -2qn RV -2op RV -2mr RV -2ks s0 -2j4 s0 -2h5 s1 -2fo s1 -2ef s1 -2de s1 -2ch s0 -2bp,s0 -2bp RV -2aq RV -29n ru -28f rt -26u rt -25j rs -243 rq -22e rp -20j ro -1uk rm -1sh rl -1qb rj -1ol ri -1mu rh -1l5 rf -1jc re -1hh re -1fn rd -1dr RC -1bv rb -1a2 rb -185 ra -168 r9 -14a r9 -12c r8 -10d r8 -uf r7 -sg r7 -qh r6 -oh r6 -mi r5 -ki r5 -ij r4 -gj r4 -ej r3 -cj r3 -aj r2 -8j r2 -6j r2 -4j r1 -2j r1 -i r0 1e r0 3e r0 5f qv 7f qv 9f r0 bd r3 d0 r5 ep r6 g8,r6 g8 r7 hh r8 ip r8 jm r6 kg r9 l8 rl ls s8 ma t7 mj ua mi vh ma 10u lr 124 l8 13a ke 14c jf 15c ia 16b h2 176 FM 17u e7 18l cm 19d b4 1a6 9k 1av 8b 1bp 75 1cf 67 1cv 55 1dc 47 1dr 3b 1eh 2d 1f9 1e 1g5 9 1h5 -10 1i1 -26 1iu -3f 1jo -4r 1kc -6c 1ks -7u 1l7 -9i 1le -b1 1lj -CD 1lm -df 1ll -ef 1lf -fa,1kt -g5 1js -gp 1im -h7 1ha -hh 1fr -hk 1ea -hm 1d0 -hn 1bt -hn 1ak -hk 19a -hh 188 -hf 176 -hd 166 -hc 14u -ha 13k -h7 124 -h4 10q -h1 10q -fo 113 -ej 11j -d9 128 -bq 12t -aj 13k -9a 14g -83 15d -74 16a -6a 177 -5o 18a -5n 19j -65 1ao -6o 1bu -7i 1d6 -8h 1e8 -9c,1e8 -9c 1fb -AA 1ge -ba,1kt -g5 1lg -f8#v6 -26p 10o -224,10s -224 139 -25f 15o -229 16v -285,186 -22h 1bm -287 1ed -21s,1an -259 1cp -259,10q -1vm 12o -1qh,u5 -1s6 186 -1td,18m -203 16e -1su 1b7 -1q7,11l -1mc vd -1fl 12b -1es 187 -1g8,185 -1gd 15q -1kv 11l -1mb,185 -1l8 18t -1ht 1bg -1h7,1bg -1h9 1dk -1jd,1ds -1jo 1bp -1n3,1e1 -1nt 1fq -1in,1bk -1nt 1fu -1of#O 11q -Jo,O 11c -ka,O 104 -k7,O vq -jc,O 109 -hu,O 10j -hu,O 11r -kt,O 1if -d8,O 1hk -e2,O 1if -e4,B 106 kv 1i,B sv lt 2q,B rj kk 4a,G 1fp -4bk 74,G 1il -4aj 7u,G 1ia -4cg 70,G 1h9 -4av 7t,G 1d5 -4cv 6a,G 1e8 -4ci 6u,G 1jr -47i 8g,G 1iq -48g 8d,G 1jm -49p 7n,G 1hu -4aj 77,G 1gb -4bp 7n,T 1f4 -4bm,T 1fp -4b5,T 1gs -4b7,T 1h2 -4bp,T 1gn -4al,S 1in -49p,S 1hr -4bm,S 1f7 -4bf,B 1jm -49u 7e,B 1ia -4ba 7j,B 1ei -4cg 84,G hj -i 2v,G hn -88 2s,G j8 -nl 2o,G j1 -lu 37,G ip -ke 39,S pe -2h7,S mj -434,S nh -42n,S o4 -42l,S pk -431,S rj -43s,S np -43h,S o5 -44k,S qo -439,S oa -448,S t9 -418,S st -3ti,S sr -3u9,S sm -3v7,S sj -400,S sh -413,S s7 -41p,S rq -42l,S qv -436,S q8 -43e,S p2 -43m,S ok -43g,S nm -43g,S me -437,S m3 -42s,S ll -415,S m1 -34g,S lu -23h,S jt -8a,S jt -5d,S j9 -24,S je o,S jf 3s,S rl di,S s2 jg,S s2 ku,T 1i7 -dr,G 1ea -b4 49,G 1b1 -8e 3s,G 17u -74 4n,G 15j -8j 6f,G 13k -cj 78,G 12m -ed 6n,G 12c -eu 8e,G 14u -gb b8,G 13f -go 9,G 132 -fd 91,G 141 -g1 90,G 1bq -fg b7,G 1gm -gb ah,G 1if -g6 b6,G 1k4 -fe b,G 1ke -cp 26,G 1jf -7t 2q,G 1fq -g 3v,G 1b6 5j 3c,G 15o e7 3m,G 11m jg 45,G uh l8 55,G sh km 5n,G s4 jm 7b,G sf ai 7e,G ti -1no 89,G u6 -3b7 88,G tl -38o 8k,G te -3bk 7j,G qo -43j 72,G sd -42b 73,G um -40i 7b,G tt -3r3 87,G td -3rd 8d,G u4 -3t9 8a,G sn -3v3 7o,G s8 -41i 71,G qa -435 6t,G ob -44h 5m,G ma -443 4f,G kq -41q 4d,G k3 -2rg 44,G ka -2c4 31,G kr -1qn 2j,G k7 -1ar 3e,G jf -vg 3g,G k8 -kd 1p,G j4 4d 2q,G gi 9d 4a,G 57 36 6a