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Q: How much feed chicken will eat per day?
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How much feed will a chicken eat per day?

Chickens will eat 1 cup of dry feed every day. They each get 1/2 cup in the morning and 1/2 in the evening.

How much food does a chicken eat a day?

a laying hen eats about 1/4 to 1/3 pounds of feed a day.

How much to feed chicken?

You can keep "chicken feed" available to them 24/7 byrumjr I feed my chicken two time each day. Chickens should eat all there food within one hour if not rats will come after some time.

Can you feed your cat boneless chicken or fish?

You can feed your cat boneless chicken or fish if you wish. However with chicken, try not to feed your cat too much. Chicken is very high in protein, which can cause diarrhea and excessive wind if they eat too much.

How much should a chicken eat a day?

A laying hen will eat 100grams a day

What do Australian chicken eat?

Australian chicken feed

What happens if goats eat chicken feed?

Goats can easily digest chicken feed.

How much do adult chickens eat?

Chicken left to free range will eat all day but should be supplied with at least 3 oz. of good quality grain feed per day/per bird.

How much does a Jack Russell supposed to eat?

2 cups of food a day but dont just feed them dog food they need meat people but dont feed them grapes or ham please. but they can eat chicken, beef, and pork

How much food does a chicken eat to produce 12 eggs?

Not all chickens lay an egg everyday. But assuming you have a chicken that lays one egg per day, a chicken will eat approximately 2.5 ounces of feed per day. Calculate 12 days feed to produce 12 eggs and you have 30 ounces or 1.875 lbs of food to produce 12 eggs.

How much meal do Africa eat a day?

fried chicken

How many people does one chicken feed?

The number of people that can eat from one chicken varies depending on how much each person eats. Typically, one chicken can feed two to three people.

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