How much fizz is in Sprite?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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A lot, when you first open it

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Q: How much fizz is in Sprite?
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Why does pepsi fizz more than sprite?

And sprite has fizz

Which drink contains the most fizz coke or sprite?

the drink that contains the most fizz is sprite

Which soda has the more fizz sprite or pepsi?

sprite and pepsi

What has more fizz a coke or a sprite?

sprite definately. i shook up both and sprite won by FAR

Does Cokes or Sprites fizz last longer?

The fizz of Sprite lasts longer than Coca Cola's. This is because Sprite has a lot of carbon dioxide in it, so its fizz lasts longer.?æ

Do coke sprite and pepsi fizz at the same rate?

Pepsi is the one that has the most fizz.

Does sprite fizz because of the carbonated water in it?


How does sprite have anything to do with science?

sprite is a carbonated drink so it will have carbon dioxide in it which will make it fizz

Does corn syrup make the fizz in Sprite?

No. The fizz in any soft drink is made by carbonated water.

Which soda will fizz more coke sprite or orange crush?

coke and pepsi spews the most!~!!!

Why does sprite fizz up more than pepsi?

why sprite fizzs up more than pepsi is because sprite has more carbination in it then pepsi

What soda has more fizz sprite or pepsi?

Pepsi = not soda Neither is Sprite. They're pop!